The Mr. and I are not one's to exchange gifts on Christmas. We do stuff stockings with a few goodies, but that's about it. We prefer to give to others more. That being said I am over on Elleinad Spir sharing a gift wish that I just adore, but really have no intentions of actually getting. And since I am just playing make believe then I would also take this tweed jacket and top from Emerson Made to top it all off. Isn't make believe fun?

Antiques at the Garden

Mrs. French was invited to the Antiques at the Garden here in Birmingham. The Friday morning of the weekend long event was a special invitation only Designer Preview. Mrs. French deemed me special and carried me along with her as her +1. The show featured many premier dealers from around the country minus any of the Birmingham dealers. I must say I fell head over heels for so many pieces. Alas I only took home photos while I am sure some others took home these fine pieces.

Kitchen Gadgets

Part of my New Year resolutions was to learn how to cook and it seems I have developed a passion for it. Granted I am still no pro, but at least I am enjoying myself and others seem to like it. What more can I ask for? Well, I have decided that if I continue on my quest and become a kitchen guru then I will treat myself to some of these goodies...

1. Goldtouch Bakeware / 2. Santoku Knife / 3. Silpat Liner / 4. Mixing Bowls / 5. Immersion Blender / 6. Recipe Box

Pillow Crush

So you must already know I have an addiction to chairs and lamps. Well, my addiction furthers to pillows. These have caught my eye as of late...

Gray paired with gold is one of my favorite color combos. Pieces do you know how much I love you?

You may be my newest crush. Neutral with a great graphic pattern.

Hello beautiful. You would make any sofa stand out.

This lovely I won from Head Over Heels. Love Nelya and her blog.

Eddie Ross made these beauties from vintage scarves. I am thinking this is a must do.

Yes, my taste in pillows may be expensive and no I can not really afford all these lovelies, but this one makes it to the list and is affordable!

Considering my life change to simplify all these must stay as crushes. I will admire you all from afar, but do know I love you.

I Love Type

I rather like this new font by Jessica Hische. It may make for a nice new header for me. Stocking stuffer? I am thinking it may become a must.

*Oh, and I am so excited about tomorrow's home tour post so be sure to come back for a visit. You will be in for a treat.

A Few of my Favorite Things

Fancy me.

Love this dress from Bellebas found on etsy.

A pretty much want this. {Hubby this would make an amazing stocking stuffer, just sayin}

These shoe clips sure could dress up any pair of shoes.

I rather like this pretty neckline.

This fabric sings to me.

While I was at the beach I received a year book type award for best looking blog. I was among some of the best blogs out there, needless to say I was flattered. Thank you Sidney for including me, it was almost as good as getting Miss Hayden High School, ha! Oh yes, you heard me right I was a pageant girl.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Today I am volunteering at Ellie's preschool for the first time, yippee!

I'On Idea Cottage

I just received my new October issue of Coastal Living this past weekend and I could not have been more excited. So much goodness in one issue, it's a must to pick up if you don't already have it. This home is part of their 2009 Idea Cottage series. This one can be found in South Carolina. Did you happen to see the tile in the kitchen? Oh my, I am in love and it's from Ann Sacks of course. What I would give to be able to afford such a lovely tile, but at around $32.00 a square foot it's a bit a much for us. I adore all the brass used throughout. The fabric choices are stunning. And that outdoor space is amazing. Angie Hranowsky was the designer behind this cottage and I think she completely rocks.

To see more of this cottage be sure to go here.


I have seen this little bakery around blog land lately and I really can not get enough of it. Unfortunately the shop is in Bovina, New York so I must admire from a far. The owners Taylor, a former model now pastry chef, and Joshua, a photographer among other things, set up shop in July 2006. Isn't it ever so lovely...

I think I would like to add "own a bakery one day" to my long list of desires, ha! Doesn't it all look so yummy? I wonder how they stay so thin, hmm. Hope you all are having a wonderful Memorial Day!

{first seen via Element's of Style}

A Cake Stand

Last week I had the privileged of getting to meet 4 other Birmingham design blogger's for dinner. I had an absolute blast and really can't get over how adorable and gorgeous they all are. Who was I so lucky to meet? Marianne from Haven and Home, Jennifer from The Newlywed Diaries, Brooke from Blueprint Bliss, and the new to me Jessica from Under a Green Roof. Well, over the weekend I began to scour Jessica's blog and came across the most lovely cake stand...

{via Wisteria}

I love that's it wood, sigh*. I only wish it wasn't so expensive.

{via Crate and Barrel}

I also became smitten with these when I saw them in the Crate and Barrel catalog. I love the ruffle detail and I could buy both for less than the price of the wooden one. I really do just love a pretty cake stand.

* I was lucky enough to do a guest post over at Blog Goggles today. Check it out if you would like. It's all about my signature style or lack of, ha!

A Bike

I have a little dream to live in an area where I could ride a bike around town and not get run over. We can ride around our little neighborhood, but to actually try to make it to a shop would be a sure mishap waiting to happen.

I think this lovely basket would be perfect for the front of a lovely bike. I would carry fresh flowers and the milk that I forgot to pick up earlier.

{via here}

If I had this bike though I could carry all my groceries plus the fresh flowers. How fun is this? I wonder if it is easy to drive though, because I must say I am quite smitten with the thing.

{via Etsy}

Maybe for now I can just hand out bike love to those who can ride them. These would be perfect for our vacation to Rosemary Beach this March. Now that is a bike community used to it's fullest.

I can feel spring coming right around the corner even if it did snow over the weekend, hence my love for bikes and fresh flowers. I will miss my boots, but I think I am ready for a season of dresses. Spring and summer minus the Alabama humidity would be nice though. I know my hair would appreciate it. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Shopping Hiatus: 2 weeks down

Okay, so I have to admit I did buy a few things. I bought paint brush rollers and a paint tray. Whew, happy I got that off my chest. Just kidding, I did buy those things, but it would be very hard to do my room re.do without them. I do want to add some final touches to my room, but for now I will have to do with what I have. This may be a good thing, I may actually end up buying what I really want instead of odds and ends that I tire of quickly. Oh, and don't get me wrong I have been tempted...

Alyson from Unruly Things put this lovely ensemble together from J.Crew. I want it and I want it bad.

This rug would look quite lovely in my new room. Maybe Pottery Barn will have it on sale after my shopping hiatus. I really do hope so.

The lovely Blair from Delight by Design posted this lovely bag from Gerard Darel. Lucky for me they are based out of Paris, so in reality I would not be able to buy this purse anyway. It is so pretty to look at though.

{image via In(side) the Loop via here.}

Last, but in no way least I would love to drive around in one of these. The ever so stylish Courtney from In(side) the Loop posted on this lovely Fiat 600. Be sure to check out her blog for more insight into these amazing tiny cars.

Night Owl Paper Goods

I some how came across this wonderful line of paper goods. I was even more excited when I found out they are right here in Alabama. They specialize in handmade letterpress and eco-chic wooden pieces. I must say I am quite smitten with the whole thing. Here's to Night Owl Paper Goods.

I am considering these blank wooden cards for my little boy's second birthday invitations. I love the idea of being able to somewhat create my own on something that is so very, very nice.

How great would it be to receive one of these save the date cards in the mail? They would definitely add such a unique and extra special statement to a wedding.

They also have a lovely assortment of Valentine cards, thank you cards, everyday cards, journals, notepads, and even more. You must check it out. Every piece is quite astounding really.

Oh, and if you have no need for stationary at this moment then they also have these great totes. This is my personal favorite.

{all images found via Night Owl Paper Goods}

P.S. for a sneak peek into their fabulous home be sure to check out a life's design, a previous post of mine, or Design sponge.

Design love

While the hubby was away watching the big game, I stayed home and relaxed. After putting the kiddos to bed I watched a couple of shows then got sucked into blog land. I have no idea how, but I came across the blog anh-minh.com and found the most lovely home done by Honey Interiors. It seems Please Sir was the original culprit in sharing my new love for this designer. I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

Beautiful, right? Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Saturday night my sweet sister is going to come watch the kiddos so hubby and I can go out on a date. I am very excited!

so pretty

I love the festive look of these from church & state. I first came across them on the lovely blog, simplesong. With the warm weather we have been having these would be perfect. I would love to have the one on the left for the Christmas party I am attending tonight.

Any one of these shoes would top off a lovely dress or skirt. Are they not so pretty? As you can see I am trying to get my fill of things for me on my little blog. I have held off spending on myself for this holiday season. I think I am getting my fix.

1. from urban outfitters.
2. from here.
3. believe it or not are from here.

I love the dainty feel of these pieces. Maybe one day I will have one of my very own. Okay, now I am done. I feel much better. Have a great weekend!

1. by Me& Ro
2. found on etsy via powder mill studio
3. found on etsy via blue canary vintage
4. by Marie-Helene de Tailliac

7 days and counting...

I am so excited that Christmas is only one week away. We head off to my parents every year after we open our own presents under our tree. We eat good food and watch our children get more spoiled by the second. One day in the far off future I hope to have Christmas at our house. Maybe it will look something like this...

Wouldn't a few of these mixed in with all my white dishes make the table look extra festive. I especially love the one's with the pinecones, but I do love the idea of mix and matching.

photo via once wed

A lovely simple centerpiece like this would be so pretty.

Every Year we make a birthday cake for Jesus so our kiddos remember the reason for the season. I think Jesus may love these cupcakes one year.

This garland would add a touch of the organic look I like so much.
While I am fretting all around I would love to wear a dress like this. A friend of mine purchased it and I must say I am quite jealous. It looks so lovely on her.

a practical christmas list

Miss Aimee, from a new and stylish blog, Mostly Mod, asked what my practical wish list would be. I thought I would join in the fun. Be sure to check out her lovely list, here. As for me, the hubby and I decided to be really practical and only do stocking stuffers for each other. Here is my little list...

I think this little day planner would be so nice to have. I live by one every year.

These gloves are quite nice. I believe they would be long enough for my 3/4 length coat.

I normally do not shop here, but they do carry the best socks. They would be so warm and comfy on a cold winter's day.

I love stationary, especially letterpress one's done by Suann from simplesong. My favorite card was the one with the little camera, but they seemed to have sold out. I believe Mrs. French won some personalized one's awhile back, so lucky she is.

As for the kiddos we do three gifts: a want, a need, and a surprise. We decided on three to represent how Jesus received a gift from each of the three wise men on His day of birth. Oh yeah, and they too get stocking stuffers, no need to worry. Also the hubby and I were able to pay off all credit cards and it looks like our car too. Yeah, for no debt, except for our mortgage of course. This is the best gift of all, so thank you hubby and your brilliant use of a camera.