so pretty

I love the festive look of these from church & state. I first came across them on the lovely blog, simplesong. With the warm weather we have been having these would be perfect. I would love to have the one on the left for the Christmas party I am attending tonight.

Any one of these shoes would top off a lovely dress or skirt. Are they not so pretty? As you can see I am trying to get my fill of things for me on my little blog. I have held off spending on myself for this holiday season. I think I am getting my fix.

1. from urban outfitters.
2. from here.
3. believe it or not are from here.

I love the dainty feel of these pieces. Maybe one day I will have one of my very own. Okay, now I am done. I feel much better. Have a great weekend!

1. by Me& Ro
2. found on etsy via powder mill studio
3. found on etsy via blue canary vintage
4. by Marie-Helene de Tailliac