A Wedding

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of shooting Katie & Justin's wedding. Let's just say they were quite the inspiration. They were laid back and took every moment in a blissful stride. Every detail fit this couple ever so perfectly and I must say I was smitten. To see more from this wedding you can go here.

A Night Away

This stunning image has nothing to do with this post, but every post needs a pretty picture, right? A dear friend emailed me this gorgeous feature on Design Sponge. I must say I am smitten. If you recall I had a rather major surgery a few days before our 6th anniversary. Needless to say the Mr. and I did not celebrate. So today after my final post op check we are going to Montgomery for the night and just enjoy each others company. Sometimes it takes a night away to truly slow down. I am quite excited and even bought one hot dress. We are going to enjoy a good meal and sleep. Luxurious, right?


I am sure you all have already seen these images of the new J. Crew Bridal shop, but I could just not add them to my journal of pretties. I am rather smitten how they designed it very much like a home, well a very posh french home. Oh yes, this sure does take my J. Crew obsession to a whole new level. I simply now want to live there!

The Donnely House

This Is where Kellen and I got married 6 years ago. It seems it is now in foreclosure and if I had an extra $950,000 plus some to make an actual kitchen and furnish the place I would so want to buy it. I could imagine both Ellie and KJ getting married in the same place we did, wouldn't that be a dream. The previous owner rented it out for events and was rather a pain to work with but this place exuded southern charm.

A Good Day...

Today is a great day for several reasons; first of all, Paula had her surgery on Wednesday and everything went very well! She is recovering now and is in a slightly medicinally altered state for a awhile, hence the husband turned guest blogger (a real honor by the way!). Secondly, today also marks our sixth year of marriage! You all get to enjoy spending a few minutes a day with her on Two Ellie, I have the honor of spending every day with her as she excels as a wife, mother, blogger, and an incredible friend. The last six years have been an incredible adventure and I can't wait to see what's to come. Here are a few gems from our big day 6 years ago...

Isn't she beautiful?

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers this last week. I know Paula is excited to return next week. Until then...


In case you didn't know my husband does a bit of photography on the side. I am second shooter on weddings but this is pretty much his baby. This lovely lady is a good friend of ours and he had the pleasure of doing her bridals. Stunning isn't she? Oh, and the dress was her mothers that she had altered into a more modern line, just gorgeous. You can check out more of his work here.


This weekend a very dear friend of ours is getting married. With this spring like weather I am feeling quite glamorous. I think I will done a fabulous dress, kick up my heels, lay the pretty little clutch in my lap while sitting ever so elegantly in a gorgeous chair while I savor every bite of a yummy cupcake. Let's not forget that my pretty little earrings would sway as I walked to admire the beautiful flowers. Of course, this all would be ever so lovely if my funds were unlimited, ha! I hope you all have such a wonderful weekend. Any big plans?

Being the Flowergirl

The wedding could not have gone more flawlessly. Although the hours leading up to the wedding were an adventure to say the least...

No the bride did not get pulled over, nor is this officer about to strip down. While getting her hair done her car was part of a hit and run. Some guy collided into her car sending it into another making her car non drivable. The bride had a friend and the friend's 5mth old with her so while she got her finishing touches done the officer and I made room in my car to pile everyone in. Umm, not an easy task when you have two car seats and a mess of a car. After I dropped them off I had to head home to pick up Ellie since she was in the wedding. On the way I got a flat tire. Oh, yes you heard me right, a flat tire. My sweet husband came to my rescue.

The bride held it together beautifully. My Ellie and the bride are the best of friends. Ellie was such a trooper hanging with us all day while my husband and I took all the preliminary photos.

Oh, and if we happen to shoot your wedding and our daughter also happens to be in it then you will receive a lot of these shots. Her dress and headband are Crewcuts and shoes are Payless just in case you wanted to know.

Ellie's favorite part was the dancing. My lady is extremely shy so this came as a pleasant surprise as she got down.

Oh, and don't you worry we got plenty of the bride and groom too. My husband should post on his site sometime within the next week or so if you want to see more. The brides bridals are currently up and she is stunning.

A Wedding in Details

Recently my husband and I got to shoot a wedding that I fell head over heels for so I thought I would share. The bride and grooms style is more on the vintage side and she had an eye for detail. The whole affair was laid back and truly fun. Here is the gorgeous bride and her groom...

The setting of the wedding was at a vineyard...

Driving to the site was made easy with these rustic and charming signs...

The shoes, flowers, and hairpiece were perfection. Isn't she lovely?

The bridesmaids were all family and they each wore a different dress from Anthropologie.

Down the hill from the wedding site was a pumpkin patch which the bride was not thrilled with, but she humored us anyway and they posed with a pumpkin. I just love an easy going bride!

They had this lattice set up with old family photos. Such a sweet and loving detail. It also made for some extra laughs when we saw some of the old wedding gowns, ha!

They had a table and quilt set up for taking Polaroids during the reception. The chalkboard message boards and the book just made it even more special. Talk about something you will treasure forever.

Birds were a reoccurring theme throughout. Oh, and this cake topper, what can I say, it had me at hello. All the milk glass wasn't too shabby either.

As the sun set and the lights came on, well, it made for a wonderful evening.

{images via Kellen Jacob Photography}

A Classic Wedding

I am so excited to share this wedding with you all. No detail was over looked, everyone was stunning, and the setting was divine. Oh, and did I happen to mention there was a cool breeze and no humidity on an August day in Alabama, unheard of really.

The bride and groom are the two most gracious and sweet people I have met. The bride even remember it was my birthday, I mean really, can it get any better than that.

The rings on a framed letter the soon to be husband wrote to his teary eyed bride.

The flowers were all done by a family friend. I so wish I had her talent.

The mother of the bride stayed up to 2 in the morning finishing up this lovely piece to pin inside her daughters dress.

The meeting between bride and groom always gets me a bit teary eyed. Theirs was no exception.

The bridesmaids all wearing Bagley Mischka thanks to her sister Amanda, co-founder of Coup de Coeur shopping tours in New York. Oh, and did I happen to mention this is a private residence of a friend.

A close up of one of the dresses and bridesmaids flowers, isn't she stunning?

The men looking dapper while taking a breather.

The groom and his brother having one of many laughs that day.

I just adore her tattoo against all the elegance. This image captures the brides personality to a tee.

hello groom...

The food was incredible...

the cakes were to die for (trust me I tried them both)...

and the band was fabulous.

Isn't her dress darling? And a thank you to the bride and groom for sharing your day with us. It was an honor.

To see more and to leave my husband a lovely comment on his blog (it would so make his day) go to Kellen Jacob Photography.

5 years in Wedded Bliss

Hubby and I dated and were married all within 6 months, five years later I still feel like the most blessed girl in town. We fit perfectly together. Thank you for taking this adventure called life with me dear husband. I am still smitten with you. I can't wait to see you next week!

Here are few snap shots of our day. They are pictures of pictures, maybe a scanner may be a good investment one day. My uncle a fabulous photographer in Boston flew down to capture our day. I did the bouquets myself. The bridesmaids dresses were off the rack (pre J.Crew wedding). I couldn't order from a pretty bridesmaid shoppe and have them in on time, that's what I get for planning a wedding in a couple of months. For the local girls, we were married at the Donnelly House on Highland Ave. The reception was dessert galore. Friends and family really helped put this wedding together on a tightish budget and I could not have been happier.

A Garden Wedding

This is one of the most amazing weddings I have ever been to. It was not only stunning, but the people involved are very dear to me and my husband. My husband had the pleasure of marrying them almost 1 year ago. The bride even lived with us for a bit when I first had Ellie almost 4 years ago. The wedding was held in the gardens of the brides home in Mississippi. The whole design was based on the beauty of nature. I am so excited that she is allowing me to share it with you...

{The pergola was especially built for the wedding by the brides uncle, oh and my hubby is the tall one.}

{This cake was for the grandparents 50th anniversary}

{Their engagement pics were done by the lovely Audrey Hannah out in Colorado where the couple currently reside.}

I absolutely love how this was truly a family affair. It really can not get any more lovely than this.

{photography done by Liberty Powers and Kelsey Freeman, family of the bride}

So Silly, I Know

I was married four years and six months ago. My uncle from Boston is a wonderful photographer who shot the wedding. He came down only for the wedding so I never had bridal portraits, which may be only a southern thing anyway. Well, I always wanted some and now I have them, ha! It is quite silly really, but I had fun doing them. It also gave the hubby a chance to do a more artistic approach to the whole thing. I don't think any bride would really want to bring their dress to an old train yard and an abandoned house, but I still hadn't had my dress cleaned since my wedding day so we went for it. Oh, and my real wedding day was in July so I made my dress more winter like and to fit my style as it is today for the shoot, more artistic right?

If you want to see my hubby's favorites go to his new photography site kellenjacob.bigfolioblog.com.

Baby, it's cold outside.

I will start by saying it was a mere 30 degrees with a windchill factor that made it even colder, but this shoot had to go on. "Why the urgency?", you may be asking. Well, that's simple, this shoot took place the day before the wedding. This beyond adorable couple were lucky enough to have a photographer friend to shoot the actual wedding, but we were blessed enough to be asked to do some bride and groom portraits. Okay, and when I say we I more mean my darling hubby in this case. Two children, no babysitter, and being that cold excluded me from all the fun. I personally think he did one fab job. I can brag on the hubby a bit, right?

{This is the moment they first saw each other. I wish you could see his sweet and very masculine lower lip bite a bit more.}

Isn't she stunning? If you would like to see more be sure to go check out hubby's site {Kellen Jacob Photography}.

Night Owl Paper Goods

I some how came across this wonderful line of paper goods. I was even more excited when I found out they are right here in Alabama. They specialize in handmade letterpress and eco-chic wooden pieces. I must say I am quite smitten with the whole thing. Here's to Night Owl Paper Goods.

I am considering these blank wooden cards for my little boy's second birthday invitations. I love the idea of being able to somewhat create my own on something that is so very, very nice.

How great would it be to receive one of these save the date cards in the mail? They would definitely add such a unique and extra special statement to a wedding.

They also have a lovely assortment of Valentine cards, thank you cards, everyday cards, journals, notepads, and even more. You must check it out. Every piece is quite astounding really.

Oh, and if you have no need for stationary at this moment then they also have these great totes. This is my personal favorite.

{all images found via Night Owl Paper Goods}

P.S. for a sneak peek into their fabulous home be sure to check out a life's design, a previous post of mine, or Design sponge.

When two become one

These are just a few of my personal favorites from the wedding hubby and I shot over the weekend. The fog was so thick you could not see 20 feet in front of you which made shooting a little more interesting, but none the less beautiful. I love that we are able to catch the special little moments of peoples lives. I love knowing that these moments will be shared for generations. I feel very blessed that we could be part of it all. So I thank you, Allison and Bill for taking a chance on us. You two could not be anymore amazing. If you want to see more, way more then go here.

To new beginnings

So many of my favorite southern magazines have kicked the bucket over this past year, but I am very excited that a new one has emerged. Southern Weddings hits news stands today and I can not wait to pick up a copy. That absolutely gorgeous couple on the cover is Tec and Chelsea of Oh My Deer. You may remember Tec from an earlier post. He is an amazing photographer himself who hired another amazing photographer, Jose Villa, to shoot this amazing wedding. Aren't they ever so lovely?