I arrived home last night from the most wonderful one night get away with the Mr. We ate, rested, and truly just enjoyed each others company. We documented our trip with our Fuji Instax so I thought I would share just a few. On Sunday I turn 30 and tomorrow I will be having a party with friends that I have had since college. As for today I am over on Simple Lovely sharing a few of my favorites and be warned that I am feeling a bit reflective. I so enjoy where I am in life and feel very blessed to be able to share it all with you.

What's Next? with rikshaw design

I was so excited when Catherine of Rikshaw Design asked me to participate in her new series. The pic of Ellie and I was just to show how cute we could be in matching tunics, please excuse the bad photoshop job, ha! I just adore her work and was ecstatic to give some ideas on what should come next in her already fabulous line. To see more go here...

From the Right Bank

Today I am posting over here! I am so excited to share one of my favorite design trends and completely honored Ally would ask me to guest blog on her most fabulous blog. So honored I blushed a bit. Hope you stop over and say hi.


After seeing the top image on High Street Market I was quickly reminded how much this home inspires me. It one of those that I never tire of. It is from the June/July '08 Domino issue, one of my fave issues of all time. I even used the second image as inspiration for my style test that Kirsten of Simply Grove did of me way back in '08. I must say all the images I used then would make my list today. Oh, and what did my style test come out to be... Traditionally modern with a love for sporadic rustic and natural elements. She was spot on I believe.

Elegant Touch

As you all may remember I have a slight addiction to pillows, well this is the newest addition to our home. I found this pillow cover from Elegant Touch on Etsy and I must say I am smitten. She was a doll to work with. I needed a special size and she was more than accommodating. The price was great as is the craftsmanship. Now I just wished I ordered another to combine shipping, oh well. Here are a few more I loved from her shop...

I will definitely be working with her again.

*Also I would like to say thank you to A Spoonful of Dish for awarding me the Happy Award. Upon receiving the award you list 10 things that make you happy. Here is a post from when I was featured on Wide Open Spaces on my 10 happy things.

A Few of my Favorite Things

Fancy me.

Love this dress from Bellebas found on etsy.

A pretty much want this. {Hubby this would make an amazing stocking stuffer, just sayin}

These shoe clips sure could dress up any pair of shoes.

I rather like this pretty neckline.

This fabric sings to me.

While I was at the beach I received a year book type award for best looking blog. I was among some of the best blogs out there, needless to say I was flattered. Thank you Sidney for including me, it was almost as good as getting Miss Hayden High School, ha! Oh yes, you heard me right I was a pageant girl.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Today I am volunteering at Ellie's preschool for the first time, yippee!

A Cake Stand

Last week I had the privileged of getting to meet 4 other Birmingham design blogger's for dinner. I had an absolute blast and really can't get over how adorable and gorgeous they all are. Who was I so lucky to meet? Marianne from Haven and Home, Jennifer from The Newlywed Diaries, Brooke from Blueprint Bliss, and the new to me Jessica from Under a Green Roof. Well, over the weekend I began to scour Jessica's blog and came across the most lovely cake stand...

{via Wisteria}

I love that's it wood, sigh*. I only wish it wasn't so expensive.

{via Crate and Barrel}

I also became smitten with these when I saw them in the Crate and Barrel catalog. I love the ruffle detail and I could buy both for less than the price of the wooden one. I really do just love a pretty cake stand.

* I was lucky enough to do a guest post over at Blog Goggles today. Check it out if you would like. It's all about my signature style or lack of, ha!

Apartment Therapy

I was very excited to see my room up on Apartment Therapy, but not so excited with all the comments. Some people can be kind of nasty, oh well. What I do appreciate is all the sweet comments you all left for me here! I know it's not perfect, but it's mine and the wonky wallpaper fits my wonky personality. Although I did get some good advice on hanging something above the bed.

I saw this image over on Element's of Style and I fell in love with it. I am now on the lookout for something similar. Hopefully next time I hang wallpaper it won't be so cringe worthy and I will be sure to match up the pattern. Luckily it's easy-change and if the need comes then I can well, simply change it. First time for everything right, ha! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

FYI: I received this lovely advise that will next time come in handy or be of use to some of you who might want to attempt this- Anyway, Paula, just so you know for next time, the pattern should continue from sheet to sheet. It easy to calculate where to cut once you know the measurement of the repeat. (brilliant, really wish I figured that out before)- doorsixteen

So Silly, I Know

I was married four years and six months ago. My uncle from Boston is a wonderful photographer who shot the wedding. He came down only for the wedding so I never had bridal portraits, which may be only a southern thing anyway. Well, I always wanted some and now I have them, ha! It is quite silly really, but I had fun doing them. It also gave the hubby a chance to do a more artistic approach to the whole thing. I don't think any bride would really want to bring their dress to an old train yard and an abandoned house, but I still hadn't had my dress cleaned since my wedding day so we went for it. Oh, and my real wedding day was in July so I made my dress more winter like and to fit my style as it is today for the shoot, more artistic right?

If you want to see my hubby's favorites go to his new photography site

a new project

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to help a friend pick out paint colors for their new home. Well, their home is an older, tiny cottage that will eventually need more than paint. They are planning to open the kitchen up to the living/dining area, redo the kitchen, redo the bath, and still have tons of other basic updating to do. As we got to talking and trying to figure out my sweet friends style, she had the idea of me just coming up with ideas that may suit them as a couple. We went to some local stores to see what she gravitated to and she loved a bit a glam, but at the same time still loves their new and existing brown leather couches and dark wood dinner table. I believe it will be easy and fun to combine the two styles and help give them a grown up space that they will love. Anyway, what I m trying to get to, is that I will be tackling each of their rooms individually with blog posts and hopefully it will help them figure out exactly what they want. I do love a good challenge. Here is just a teaser...a ceiling fan just does not work in a dining area, but I believe this would.

Also, I would love for you to stop by The Red Otter. The lovely Julia has a series of self portraits done by other blogger's and today it's me! I am very excited and feel very privileged to have been able to participate. Julia has amazing taste and her blog is just stunning. Did I happen to mention that I am excited?

go say hello...

to me on Simply Grove and The Newlywed Diaries today. Kirsten from Simply Grove was sweet enough to diagnose my style. It's super easy, just send her five images of rooms that represent what you love in home design. Her diagnoses fit me to a tee. I was also on The Newlywed Diaries on Friday. She and her hubby are currently renovating their home and have great style. Today I am off to help a dear friend pick colors for their new home. Very fun indeed. I hope you have a wonderful Monday.