I adore this image. Have for quite some time. It seems I am drawn to images that have a lovely basket within. I love the practicality of them and the simple and somewhat raw design. Today I am sharing my passion for baskets in my own home by sharing a few of my favorites on Veranda Interiors. Melissa has become quite the blog friend and I have enjoyed seeing her journey of building a new home, which will be stunning I am sure. Hope to see you there!


The Mr. and I are not one's to exchange gifts on Christmas. We do stuff stockings with a few goodies, but that's about it. We prefer to give to others more. That being said I am over on Elleinad Spir sharing a gift wish that I just adore, but really have no intentions of actually getting. And since I am just playing make believe then I would also take this tweed jacket and top from Emerson Made to top it all off. Isn't make believe fun?

A Double Dose

Okay so I said previously that I would try to not give you a double dose of me on one day. Well, today is an exception. Of course I am over on Mrs. French, but I am also guest posting on The Marion House Book. Without planning on it both posts go hand and hand. That makes me a little giddy.

*remember Emma from the Marion House Book home tour I did? Let's just say I am still rather smitten.

A Favorite

Today I am sharing a few of my fall essentials on Cool Kids. This army jacket is just one of my favorites and I am thinking of wearing it over a silk gray dress, paired with suede gray heels and topped off with my favorite bib necklace to tonight's design blogger party hosted by these most fabulous peeps. I am rather excited to say the least.


Today I am guest posting over on Bridget's sweet blog. I am sharing an inspiration board inspired by my newish pouf that I had yet to share. I rather love the touch of glamor it adds to my more paired down living room. It also happens to make for a great spot for the kiddos to play around on. Hope you join me here!

*Giveaway winner announced below!

Between the Sheets...

Today I am guest blogging over on Gramercy's blog for their series Between the Sheets. I shared some of my all time favorite bedrooms and gave you all a look into mine. It's changed a bit from before. Now if only I could add this night table...

and this dresser...

with the same carpeting then I would be in pure bliss. Of course for now I am happy with what I have. Both pieces are from Chelsea House's fall collection and will be in the Gramercy's shop soon. Aren't they insanely gorgeous?

Guest Blogger: Blue Hydrangea

I, Sissy of Blue Hydrangea, am thrilled to be at Two Ellie today for a guest post. In honor of Paula I was going to do a room to outfit post but guess what? It's harder than it looks. So I have decided to work on something I need help with. Lighting up my home and making it feel more youthful. I don't know about you but I have a lot of inherited furniture and it is all dark wood. I know what you are thinking...paint it!! Well, what do you do if it is too nice to paint?

To me, nothing updates a traditional room like colorful artwork.

In fact a piece of abstract art can change the whole feel of a room.

While going through my files of favorite photos it was amazing how many rooms had an over-sized, abstract work of art.

The more color the better.

If this doesn't make you happy I don't know what will.

Don't you think it adds some drama and sophistication to a room?

The best part is it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Go to Ebay or Esty or better yet paint your own. Or have your children paint it. How do you update a room?

Paula, thanks for letting me visit!!

Sissy I am so excited you were able to join me here, but let's not forget the most amazing piece of art I have seen in awhile...

the one you and your children did! Really its stunning. I can't wait till I can do this with my kiddos.

pictures from: Lindsey Harper, Peacock Feathers, Made By Girl, Elle Decor, Lonny, Peacock Feathers

Guest Blogger: Flourish Design + Style

For the Love of Violet-

Who knew that a girl who’s closet consisted of black, grey and beige would come out of her shell. I am learning to ADORE color, and at the top of my list right now is violet. Mixed with brown, navy, cream, white or grey ( I could go on ) it adds a fabulous and lighthearted punch. It adds color to my cheeks and puts a spring in my step. While I haven’t introduced it into my home, I would in a second if I didn’t have a dominant blue/ grey that really wouldn’t mix well. So for now I admire those who can and enjoy having a few pieces in my closet. Our clothing favorite J Crew has some great basics in great shades of purple right now!

Thanks Paula for inviting me to post for you while you are getting some rest. It truly was an honor! Paula’s blog was one of the first that I started reading daily, and she’s the first person I visit in the morning with my cup of coffee in hand. So Paula, if some of those comments I’ve made on your posts in the past you’ve questioned a little.. I may be just waking up J I hope you are recovering well, and I’m sure that beautiful family of yours is taking the best care of you. xx

Images one / two / three / four

Thank you Sarah of Flourish Style and Design! Could you believe violet is one of my fave "colors" to wear too.

Guest Blogger: Haven and Home

Hi Two Ellie Readers!!!! I, Marianne, am so happy to be here on Paula's blog. Not only is she a great blog friend of mine, but we are also friends in "real life". I can tell you she is just sweet as you think. When she asked me to guest blog I had just returned home from a clients house where we decided to do horizontal stripe wallpaper in the bathroom. I know stripes are everywhere in the blog world but I can't get enough of them, especially turned on their side. I thought I would share our inspiration....

Oh I LOVE the colors in this picture, love love love

I even love the horizontal stripes in tile...

I have used stripes in my work several times but I have to say my favorite so far are these, maybe because they run across such a big room and my painter was such a trooper....

What do you think? Are you a vertical or horizontal kind of person?

Thank you Paula for having me guest blog, it was great being on one of my favorite blogs by one of my favorite people!

**Also, I am sorry I don't have the sources on these, they were saved in a clients file for inspiration. If anyone has the sources please let me know!