Inspire Me

Here are a few images that have me going back and back again so I thought I would share just in case you missed them...

This gorgeous table set for Easter makes me want to make Easter dinner more of an event for the kiddos. My husband is a pastor so we don't get to see him Easter weekend so it's just me and the kiddos. I want to make sure I still make it special though. I also would not mind having that light fixture, GORGEOUS!

This lakeside retreat has me swooning. What can I say all the white leaves it looking fresh, the cowhide stool is calling my name, the subway tile is a favorite of mine, and that lamp, wow.

Loving this cabinet. The coral inside makes me want to break out my paint brushes. Of course the fabulous wallpaper behind makes it all the better.

I always love seeing snippets of Jennifer's home. She's always changing things around and is a continual inspiration. Our sideboards are even painted the same color. I kindly asked her if she would mind coming over and doing my entry table. I am in desperate need of a new eye. I think she thought I was joking.

It seems in this market we will be calling our house home for quite some time so of course I want to make it the best it can be. Our garden has my full attention for now. This shed makeover has my wheels turning. Isn't it darling? No, we don't have a shed, but we could right?

Via Me oh My | A Life's Design {via Southern Living} | Pink Wallpaper {via Martha Stewart} | Newlywed Diaries | High Street Market

A Cake Stand

Last week I had the privileged of getting to meet 4 other Birmingham design blogger's for dinner. I had an absolute blast and really can't get over how adorable and gorgeous they all are. Who was I so lucky to meet? Marianne from Haven and Home, Jennifer from The Newlywed Diaries, Brooke from Blueprint Bliss, and the new to me Jessica from Under a Green Roof. Well, over the weekend I began to scour Jessica's blog and came across the most lovely cake stand...

{via Wisteria}

I love that's it wood, sigh*. I only wish it wasn't so expensive.

{via Crate and Barrel}

I also became smitten with these when I saw them in the Crate and Barrel catalog. I love the ruffle detail and I could buy both for less than the price of the wooden one. I really do just love a pretty cake stand.

* I was lucky enough to do a guest post over at Blog Goggles today. Check it out if you would like. It's all about my signature style or lack of, ha!

7 days and counting...

I am so excited that Christmas is only one week away. We head off to my parents every year after we open our own presents under our tree. We eat good food and watch our children get more spoiled by the second. One day in the far off future I hope to have Christmas at our house. Maybe it will look something like this...

Wouldn't a few of these mixed in with all my white dishes make the table look extra festive. I especially love the one's with the pinecones, but I do love the idea of mix and matching.

photo via once wed

A lovely simple centerpiece like this would be so pretty.

Every Year we make a birthday cake for Jesus so our kiddos remember the reason for the season. I think Jesus may love these cupcakes one year.

This garland would add a touch of the organic look I like so much.
While I am fretting all around I would love to wear a dress like this. A friend of mine purchased it and I must say I am quite jealous. It looks so lovely on her.

thinking about parties

I love to entertain especially when there is a special occasion. This is going back in time, but this is my daughter's 3rd birthday from this past July. I decided to go all out. I asked her what she wanted and she said, "balloons, party hats, and cake". Of course I obliged. The story line I went with was a breakfast garden party with pinwheels, bugs, and tons of flowers. She had a blast along with all the other kiddos. The only quirk was that my little Ellie gets a bit shy in large groups so by the end of the party she was in my room cleaning. Yes, I said cleaning! She takes after her mother I suppose, of course my cleaning would have started after everyone left.

The cake was from Edgar's bakery. It was beyond delicious.

Doughnut holes from Shipley's, melt aways from Savage's, and cheerios for the babies were part of the breakfast spread.

This is one of the many centerpieces I made. Super easy, but time consuming. The picture frame is one I made and each child recieved a different handmade frame and pinwheel as a party favor. My husband being a photographer made this fit perfectly.

from top left to right: martha stewart tissue flower balls, party hats hung with twine and clothes pins, ellie and kj ready for the party to begin, party favors.

My son's 2nd birthday is coming up in March. He will get a superb birthday party since he was completeley jipped out of his first. We were in the midst of moving and well, it did not happen. Lucky for me he will never remember and in that case Ellie will never remember her first huge party either. On a positive note she still mentions this party!