Antiques at the Garden

Mrs. French was invited to the Antiques at the Garden here in Birmingham. The Friday morning of the weekend long event was a special invitation only Designer Preview. Mrs. French deemed me special and carried me along with her as her +1. The show featured many premier dealers from around the country minus any of the Birmingham dealers. I must say I fell head over heels for so many pieces. Alas I only took home photos while I am sure some others took home these fine pieces.

Adding to my Inspiration Folder

I know you all have seen this home throughout blogland, but the first time I saw the full tour was via Flourish Design + Style. By the way Sarah's blog is a daily read of mine. She and I share much of the same style, love that. Anyway, I had to re-post it. I think if we every get to build this will be one of those homes that I show the architect and then I will want to recreate the light and airy feel. There is not a detail I don't love. Oh, and the fabulous photography was done by this brilliant lady who also happens to blog. I love getting to see a few extra photos here. Gorgeous, right? My only wish now is to get my hands on the actual magazine. I love pouring over a good magazine more than the computer screen. It makes it easier for me to study.

{via Style at Home}

A Bookcase

Emily posted this image yesterday and I can't get it out of my head so I thought I would let it rest here. Love the mixed frames, love how the TV blends in but is not hidden, love the rug, and I especially love that bookcase. Oh, and the garden stool is pretty fabulous itself. I have been wanting one, but really have no need for it so I was not willing to pay a lot. Well, the other day I was T.J. Maxx and I came across one for $30. I love it. The only change I would make is to reupholster the chair in a fabric like this.


I just adore this image of interior designer Lilly Bunn Weeks. The rug, the table skirt, that chair, the wall covering, even Weeks outfit is perfection. Oh, and if you happen to read the article then you will notice Jenny among a very short list got a shout out for being an inspiration to Weeks, how fabulous is that! She inspires me too.

{via Vogue}