This image, although odd, represents so much to me. This image is me taking a chance on myself. This image is me daring to dream bigger. This image is me saying yes, even though at times I feel not enough. This is me mailing paperwork to make my love of making homes beautiful a reality. This is me taking a step towards becoming an interiors business. I have continually debated if this is my so called calling. It has kept me anxious and second guessing for years. I did not get my hand writing in the sky, but I had some beautiful opportunities come my way that I simply said yes to. The more I said yes, the more I felt my place being mapped out. In hindsight I wonder if that is all God wants us to do? To say yes to the small little gifts He put inside us and take the journey with Him and watch it bloom. Over the last decade I have gone into design and have always found myself stepping back whether due to fear or the circumstances that surround. Every time I am in the midst of creating a home for others I feel like my best self. I come alive. I have had a decade plus of honing in on my process, my aesthetic, and learning what I love about the interiors business and what I don’t. This business will fit who I am and I hope in turn it will attract the similar. As the month progresses you will see a few changes here to my site, but Two Ellie will remain the same. The place where we share me-too moments, stay inspired, and the best place for me to ramble. Maybe this new journey of mine will flourish. Maybe it won’t. Either way I said yes and am going to see where it leads.

Have any areas in your life where you just need to say yes?

The Rythms of Life





Today not only marks the last day of January, but also my intention of getting back into the rhythm of life and this ole blog. I can feel the desire to write here reawakened and have my posting calendar marked out for the year. I will be posting every Wednesday, because who doesn’t love a good hump day escape? I have shed the guilt of self care and defined what that looks like for me. We tackled our budget and have set new goals. Our family calendar could not have been a better decision for our family. I even took time to tackle my closet again with the tried and true Mari Kondo method as I knew that space no longer sparked joy. My need to scroll and scroll again has been broken, I have allowed myself to dream again, and have filled my head with so many inspiring reads all while intentionally moving my body in a way that works for me. This month has been dedicated to ordering my steps in a new way with hopes of not loosing myself in the shuffle of daily life. These are the days I don’t want to miss. My days are fleeting with my loves. I am sure over the next year I will have mis-steps, because life happens in big ways, but I hope the habits I am developing will be easy to come by once again. Thank you for going on this journey with me and I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for us all!

xx, Paula

Hello 2019

written words by  Morgan Harper Nichols

written words by Morgan Harper Nichols

It’s the second day of 2019 and thus far all is good. You know that in it self makes me grateful as that was not the case last year. Even all the torrential rain won’t put a damper on this parade. This January I am going to take some time to reflect on how to continue what the Lord started in me this past year. The things that can only start when life seems to be ripped open wide. How to purge all the things that continue to make me second guess. To develop my gifts into purpose. Does this all sound so vague? It does to me too, but this goal is not mapped out and I am not even certain on what will come of it all. What I am sure of though is that I have decided to peel back the layers this month in the form of prayers, that I hope will lead to the written word. To unwrap it all here and see what comes of it. Even if it turns into a personal journal of sorts it will be enlightening to come back to in 2020. To see if any of it panned out or if some becomes frivolous over time. Isn’t time funny like that. Some of the things that seemed so huge over the years when reflected on seem so simple or not worth the uncertainty it may have brought. So this month is dedicated to what I hope is the start of self-care for myself. What is more important in self care than mental, emotional, and spiritual health? I am sure the rest will follow.

xo - Paula

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