Loving Color

This week I have had a dreadful cold that I just can't seem to shake. This has also been one crazy busy week and the two aren't playing quite well with each other. Monday I had some time to sit and do a bit of blog reading and I came across Live Like You. She is a designer who adores color, reusing what you have, and seems to have a heart of gold. Her home is much more bold than I normally gravitate to, but I must say I am smitten. Even my kiddos sat in awe while we went page to page. They seem to love color too, my bad...

Doesn't it just scream joy? I really do adore it. Tomorrow is KJ's birthday party and I am not ready. I am signing off early and will be back next week. I so recommend reading through Live Like Love. It really does inspire. Have a great weekend!

Guest Blogger: Flourish Design + Style

For the Love of Violet-

Who knew that a girl who’s closet consisted of black, grey and beige would come out of her shell. I am learning to ADORE color, and at the top of my list right now is violet. Mixed with brown, navy, cream, white or grey ( I could go on ) it adds a fabulous and lighthearted punch. It adds color to my cheeks and puts a spring in my step. While I haven’t introduced it into my home, I would in a second if I didn’t have a dominant blue/ grey that really wouldn’t mix well. So for now I admire those who can and enjoy having a few pieces in my closet. Our clothing favorite J Crew has some great basics in great shades of purple right now!

Thanks Paula for inviting me to post for you while you are getting some rest. It truly was an honor! Paula’s blog was one of the first that I started reading daily, and she’s the first person I visit in the morning with my cup of coffee in hand. So Paula, if some of those comments I’ve made on your posts in the past you’ve questioned a little.. I may be just waking up J I hope you are recovering well, and I’m sure that beautiful family of yours is taking the best care of you. xx

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Thank you Sarah of Flourish Style and Design! Could you believe violet is one of my fave "colors" to wear too.

Inspire Me

Here are a few images that have me going back and back again so I thought I would share just in case you missed them...

This gorgeous table set for Easter makes me want to make Easter dinner more of an event for the kiddos. My husband is a pastor so we don't get to see him Easter weekend so it's just me and the kiddos. I want to make sure I still make it special though. I also would not mind having that light fixture, GORGEOUS!

This lakeside retreat has me swooning. What can I say all the white leaves it looking fresh, the cowhide stool is calling my name, the subway tile is a favorite of mine, and that lamp, wow.

Loving this cabinet. The coral inside makes me want to break out my paint brushes. Of course the fabulous wallpaper behind makes it all the better.

I always love seeing snippets of Jennifer's home. She's always changing things around and is a continual inspiration. Our sideboards are even painted the same color. I kindly asked her if she would mind coming over and doing my entry table. I am in desperate need of a new eye. I think she thought I was joking.

It seems in this market we will be calling our house home for quite some time so of course I want to make it the best it can be. Our garden has my full attention for now. This shed makeover has my wheels turning. Isn't it darling? No, we don't have a shed, but we could right?

Via Me oh My | A Life's Design {via Southern Living} | Pink Wallpaper {via Martha Stewart} | Newlywed Diaries | High Street Market


This past weekend we had a small tease of spring like weather. I got to wear my spring dresses and opened toe shoes. It was rather lovely. Well, the tides have turned once again and we are back to the dreary cold. I must say it has me in a bit of a funk that I am having a hard time shaking, so gray is the color of the day. Which also happens to be one of my favorites. Matthew 6:27 will be my scripture of the week. God is greater than my funk.

J.Crew / Message / Mary Ruffle / Anthropologie / Rock Paper Scissors / Martha / Penguin Classics / J.Crew


I just adore this image of interior designer Lilly Bunn Weeks. The rug, the table skirt, that chair, the wall covering, even Weeks outfit is perfection. Oh, and if you happen to read the article then you will notice Jenny among a very short list got a shout out for being an inspiration to Weeks, how fabulous is that! She inspires me too.

{via Vogue}


It seems I have become quite smitten with pink lately. Not to say I haven't always loved it. My wedding colors were pink, black, and white. I just never embraced it as a decor staple. Oh, not counting my daughters room, we fully embraced it there.

{via Domino}

I have become especially smitten with this chair since posting it over a week ago...

{via The Vintage Laundress}

I then came across this fabric at a fabulous local fabric shop...

I love how it is more raspberry pink then hot pink. I think it would look nice on a bench we have that I plan to put in the hall that leads to the kiddos rooms. It will sit under our (in progress) mixed frame gallery wall. For those who know I don't do too much color that is another story when it comes to my kiddos part of the house. And yes, when I go fabric shopping and don't want to check out samples I take a pic with my blackberry and it helps me remember pricing. I am practical like that.

Feeling Moody

I am feeling incredibly under the weather. It does not help that little man does not understand time change and gets up way too early, that neither of the kiddos wanted to partake in nap time yesterday, and my head very well may explode out of shear pain. Needless to say I am moody and these images make my moody self quite happy in a moody way of course...

{via Newlywed Diaries}

{via Elements of Style}

{via Apartment Therapy}

{via Pink Wallpaper}

{via Alkemie}

Now I am hoping to spend most of the day in bed. Well, that's if the kiddos don't mind movie after movie.