Now that I am working again the house projects that were somewhat left behind are starting to be done once again. First on my list was to finish the kiddos rooms. Although we made them functional with using everything from our prior rental home I was ready to personalize the spaces according to the kiddos wish list and in general make them look more finished. One dream for KJ was to add a desk and chair. A place for him to write and illustrate his stories and do perler beads. He came up with the placement and helped pick out both the desk and chair. Both were at a great price point and look good. A win win in my book. I can't wait to share more as we progress over the next month.

* I may have another Two Ellie tag sale soon, but for now I am 100% sure we are selling Ellie's pink rug. You can see more of it here and original listing here. It's a great rug, but pink is no longer her favorite. Imagine that. Selling for $75.00. It's more true to color in my images rather than the listing. 

sources: desk | chair | lamp no longer available {similiar} | pillow no longer available {similar} | fish tank now being used to hold baseballs | roman shades


With the holidays just around the corner I am getting excited to see this room over flowing with family once again. This year for our whole crew has been full of up and downs, unknowns, and trying to find our footing once again. This table will be packed with food fit for a small army and somehow we will manage to fit so many extra chairs that we mine as well be sitting on each others laps. We will share stories of this past year and look forward to the excitement a new year brings. There will be laughter, smiles, maybe some tears but in these shared moments we will know we will have each other and in the long run isn't that all that really matters? As I slowly prepare a meal plan and contemplate what this season really means I will breath deep, pray continually, and rest in the hope of the season for I am grateful to have these shared moments with the ones I love.

sources: light fixture park studio | table an antique store find | cane chairs vintage {similar} | dark chairs west elm {similar} | wood candlesticks crate and barrel {similar} | curtains west elm | rods bed bath and beyond

Grow Baby Grow...

I have a funny feeling the fiddle leaf fig tree is one of the most loved and hated plants out there. She is a finicky one for sure. I've had this one going on three years maybe even more. I was so worried about losing her with last years move, but alas after much sweet talking she bounced back with new growth even. It seems everyone has their own way of caring for the fiddle leaf, but I thought I would share what has worked for me over the years. Inevitability she will shed leaves every time she is moved, but don't panic yet. Once she feels settled again she should even out. Try to place her in a sunny spot without direct sunlight or it will cause the leaves to brown. Keep her in a spot where it won't get door drafts or vent drafts. Like I said she is finicky. I then only water her when her leaves start to wilt. This may be only once every week or two. I then add a few cups, not too much or again her leaves will begin to shed. Of course this is only what works for me I've seen some people give theirs showers, but mine would die given such treatment. My thumb may just not be that green.