Refining Style

Since I have begun my new journey on living a life of simplicity, I have also begun refining my style. At times I feel all over the place and I am trying hard not to waste and buy smartly. I want pieces and a home that we can grow with and me not tire of in a few sort months or even years. After much evaluation I think I came down to what I am when concerning my home. I think designer Kristen Panitch nailed me right on the head with her gorgeous designs. Her spaces look easy to live in, welcoming, traditional, with a bit of boho here and there. The textures, patterns. and the layering of all her spaces feel like home to me. This is the direction I am slowly going in. I can't wait to share my home soon!

Her goal for every space they design speaks volumes to me... to create homes that will reflect and evolve with our clients’ lifestyle, tastes, passions, and dreams... That is so what I want and am striving towards.

Loving Color

This week I have had a dreadful cold that I just can't seem to shake. This has also been one crazy busy week and the two aren't playing quite well with each other. Monday I had some time to sit and do a bit of blog reading and I came across Live Like You. She is a designer who adores color, reusing what you have, and seems to have a heart of gold. Her home is much more bold than I normally gravitate to, but I must say I am smitten. Even my kiddos sat in awe while we went page to page. They seem to love color too, my bad...

Doesn't it just scream joy? I really do adore it. Tomorrow is KJ's birthday party and I am not ready. I am signing off early and will be back next week. I so recommend reading through Live Like Love. It really does inspire. Have a great weekend!

Finding Peace


Something about this image makes me stop and stare. The neutral palette, the woodwork, that door, and of course the mix of modern and traditional are all things I adore. Oh, and lets not forget the the thick floor boards, just beautiful. The simplicity of the space makes me yearn for the simple things. I think this would be a perfect spot to catch up on some blogging and then grab a nice hot cup of tea and curl up with a good book.

I know I have been scarce from blog land and I have a few emails to answer also. I do apologize and hope to catch up on both very soon. I want to thank you all for your more than generous comments as of late. I read every one and they brighten my day. It seems with my desire for simplicity I become a chaotic mess. Thankfully I know this too shall pass and I will find my peace...

Worry never solves tomorrow's problems. It only robs today of its peace. 
 Matthew 6: 25-24

Home Tour That I Adore

You know how one click leads to another here in blog land, well my search led me to this local and gorgeous home. It is the home of Graham Yelton a photographer and a brilliant branding and design artist.  Her home was designed by her and her husband and I could not be any more inspired...

As soon as I saw this image of her dogs I soon realized I am friends with one of her friends that own the other part of this dog family. They are some of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen.

Oh, and let's not forget to mention the before of this amazing home. I can hardly believe it.

I find myself looking at the images over and over and noticing new details every time. Thank you Graham for allowing me to share your beautiful home and images.

Here is a list of where she found some of her gorgeous finds. I love that there are highs, lows, and pieces they made...

Bedding: White Linen Duvet by Matteo Bedding

Headboard/Bedskirt: homemade, fabric is from King Cotton
Bed Sconces: Pottery Barn (via ebay!)
Curtains: Ikea!
Jute Rug: west elm outlet
armless chair: Abode Knoxville, Tn (just closed)
chandelier: vintage, found at Retropolitan in Nashvile, Tn
TV armoir: Scott's Market Atlanta

Posters: Hatch Show Print in Nashville
Frames: Ikea
Sofa: Bernhardt "Taylor", At Home
throw pillows: Ikea
coffee table: cb2
rug: Hannah's Antiques 
bertoia chairs: Scott's Market Atlanta

bathroom mirror: Scott's Market Atlanta
vanity: jay made this with the heart pine wood
sink: Ikea
faucet/fixtures: Kohler

stool: At Home
woven baskets: discontinued pottery barn
chandelier in closet: found on ebay

hallway letters: ebay

planters on porch: ikea

living room rug: ikea

"fresh" sign: At Home
ceiling light: At Home
Chairs & Table: Pottery Barn (Outlet!)

Design Crush

Do you remember this image from Better Homes and Gardens that inspired me ever so much? Well, it's from the home of Amy Meier. This past week I somehow came across her blog and was in awe of other snippets of her home. This is one from her bedroom. Isn't is lovely? The simple color palette has such interest with the use of different patterns. That checked chair is something I so want to recreate.

I then took a peek into her portfolio and instantly new she is my design match. Her traditional design takes on such a fresh and young feel with her use of color, texture, and patterns. What I love most is that every space looks livable even if you have small children like me. I would be ecstatic to have any of these looks for my own home.

Pink Done Right

I saw these images over on The Neo-Traditionalist and was instantly smitten. You know I adore my sea of neutrals, but I must say the pink sofa's have me falling head over heels. Not sure if the Mr. would ever go for it, but wouldn't it be fun? It's from the home of Ann Mashburn owner of the Ann Mashburn boutique in Atlanta. I am thinking I may need to make a stop in while Marianne and I take a day trip to Atlanta to visit a few of our favorite shops.

{images and interview found here}

*Please excuse my scarceness over the past week and this week. We have family in town and I have been working on some last minute projects for others that have had me away from the computer. I will be back after Christmas to catch up on all your blogs and emails. I truly miss so many of you!

Seeing Redd

Miles Redd is known for his rather elaborate designs quenched in color and pattern. As you know I am drawn to neutral simple palettes, but I must say all these designs from Mr. Redd have me singing a new tune. I adore these rooms and could easily see my family living in them. Well, if we were loaded that is.

It was also fun to see Ashley sitting on his stoop on her lovely blog. It would so be something I would do.


Interior Designer Jamie Herzlinger was kind enough to send photos from her Casa Blanca design over my way. This place is sublimely luxe in every way. I am sure I would feel rather glamorous coming home to this every day. I love how the red front door and black and white striped drapes set the tone for the whole home before you even enter, love that.

*Jamie's Blog here. You know I love a good blog.

Blog Love

Have you seen the newish blog of a stay at home mom of Bijou and Boheme? Well, I must say it had me at hello. Yesterday she featured the first floor of her home and I am beyond smitten. Her style is beyond fabulous. If you haven't seen her blog yet then I must tell you it's a must. To see more of her home be sure to go, here.

Cottage Living

Do you all happen to remember Lindsay Bierman's kitchen from the January/ February 2008 Cottage Living issue {second image}? Well I do and came across it again while doing my weekly real estate browsing. I know I am a complete nut, but then again at least I share my nuttiness with all of you right? It is one of my favorite kitchens and seems to have stayed mostly the same except for recovering the settee and maybe an art change. Still adore it and the rest of the home.

Remember I am always happy to put you in touch with the listing agent if you want more info. I will not in any way send out the actual listing and therefore will not share location. Thanks for understanding.

Style Mix

I have been reading La Dolce Vita for some time now, I just adore all the home tours that she features. Last week she featured a studio that I instantly became smitten with. This image represents so much of what I love. Feminine mixed with masculine, industrial mixed with modern, and I just can't get enough of the linen pillow with a contrasting trim. The rest of the tour is stunning see it here for yourself.

A Place in the Hamptons

This may be my favorite issue of Elle Decor yet and I have been receiving this magazine for years. I absolutely adored the sneak peek into Meg Ryan's summer home on all my favorite blogs, but once I actually received the issue I was elated with Timothy Whealons summer home in the Hamptons. He made the purchase on a snap decision and had to redo the whole place. I think he did a mighty fine job, so much so that I keep on rereading the article and keep on studying all the pretty pictures. I simply can not put it down.

Inspire Me

Here are a few images that have me going back and back again so I thought I would share just in case you missed them...

This gorgeous table set for Easter makes me want to make Easter dinner more of an event for the kiddos. My husband is a pastor so we don't get to see him Easter weekend so it's just me and the kiddos. I want to make sure I still make it special though. I also would not mind having that light fixture, GORGEOUS!

This lakeside retreat has me swooning. What can I say all the white leaves it looking fresh, the cowhide stool is calling my name, the subway tile is a favorite of mine, and that lamp, wow.

Loving this cabinet. The coral inside makes me want to break out my paint brushes. Of course the fabulous wallpaper behind makes it all the better.

I always love seeing snippets of Jennifer's home. She's always changing things around and is a continual inspiration. Our sideboards are even painted the same color. I kindly asked her if she would mind coming over and doing my entry table. I am in desperate need of a new eye. I think she thought I was joking.

It seems in this market we will be calling our house home for quite some time so of course I want to make it the best it can be. Our garden has my full attention for now. This shed makeover has my wheels turning. Isn't it darling? No, we don't have a shed, but we could right?

Via Me oh My | A Life's Design {via Southern Living} | Pink Wallpaper {via Martha Stewart} | Newlywed Diaries | High Street Market

Kristen Hutchins

I have posted this office from Kristen Hutchins before. It is completely chic to perfection. Well, I recently came across Raenovate, a blog that posts before & afters that featured the rest of this home. I am smitten to say the least and am quite impressed with the transformation. And by impressed I mean let me just pick up my jaw that fell to the floor. Before & After...

*to see more of this homes before & after go, here.

Elizabeth Dinkel Design

I posted the kitchen to this house earlier this week, but the rest of the home is just as smashing. Even though this home is on the grand side I love how it still feels cozy. It seems like every room is used and I could easily see children running throughout. To me livable design is design done right.

via here

Tracery Interiors

Tracery Interiors is one of my favorite design firms. Not only is there work absolutely stunning but they are some sweetest people around. They are based here in Birmingham, Al and Rosemary Beach, FL. Doug and I have become friends through this crazy world of blogging and I am always sure to stop in to say hello to Bess when we are at the beach. I was very excited when I found out Doug uploaded some of their work to Houzz. Here are a few of my favorites...

This one is of Doug's living room. Isn't it just gorgeous?

More of there work can be found here, here and here.

Adding to my Inspiration Folder

I know you all have seen this home throughout blogland, but the first time I saw the full tour was via Flourish Design + Style. By the way Sarah's blog is a daily read of mine. She and I share much of the same style, love that. Anyway, I had to re-post it. I think if we every get to build this will be one of those homes that I show the architect and then I will want to recreate the light and airy feel. There is not a detail I don't love. Oh, and the fabulous photography was done by this brilliant lady who also happens to blog. I love getting to see a few extra photos here. Gorgeous, right? My only wish now is to get my hands on the actual magazine. I love pouring over a good magazine more than the computer screen. It makes it easier for me to study.

{via Style at Home}


After seeing the top image on High Street Market I was quickly reminded how much this home inspires me. It one of those that I never tire of. It is from the June/July '08 Domino issue, one of my fave issues of all time. I even used the second image as inspiration for my style test that Kirsten of Simply Grove did of me way back in '08. I must say all the images I used then would make my list today. Oh, and what did my style test come out to be... Traditionally modern with a love for sporadic rustic and natural elements. She was spot on I believe.


This home is the perfect mix of being swoon worthy and child friendly. I look at images like this and just fall head over heels for all the color, so why can I not personally live with it baffles me. One of my favorite pieces in the article is when the owner and designer Jenny Keenan states, "I love things to be beautiful and be perfect, but that's just not realistic. Baskets are a pretty and practical way to sort of have it both ways." I must agree, baskets have become my best friends too.

{via Better Homes & Gardens}

And always I love to see my sweet babies up on Party Perfect. So fun!