It's the Little Things

Our new old kitchen is not what dreams are made of, but it is a space that works hard for us. It provides a space for us to cook for our weekly small group, prepare family meals, and my endless smoothie making to keep me on this healing journey. Slowly but surely it is getting a little sprucing till we are financially and emotionally ready to handle a kitchen reno. For now I still need to tackle painting the other wall of cabinets, but this view makes me happy. It makes me especially happy since I finally found something to bring this old sink back to life. During our first phase of renovations this vintage sink became beaten, spotted, and stained. It honestly made my heart hurt every time I looked at it. It was one of the treasures of this old house. I tried everything. Nothing wanted to work. Finally I got hold of bar keepers friend in powder form and it made the sink like new! I used to use the liquid form for our glass top stove from a couple houses back. Now to finish up the rest of the sprucing so I can finally share the small kitchen facelift.

Making a Healthy Home

After years of battling a chronic illness I have become quite diligent on trying to make our surroundings as healthy as can be. I use all natural cleaning products in most areas. Use all natural beauty products. Have been an oil user before it was popular. So on and so on. So when we moved into the new house I wanted to make it as clean as could be within the means we had. The house sat empty for a bit and grew stale. It had a musty smell to say the least. I am allergic to EVERYTHING so I knew it being such an old home there may be some mold lurking out of site. This little machine came to our rescue. I have a friend who used this air purifier and started to sell them, because she loved them so much. All the hype sounded way too good to be true but I thought it was worth a review, but I gave her no guarantees that I would love it. Right after closing we brought it straight to the house and set it on the "away" setting for the night. When we came back the next morning it smelled like ozone, but once it dispersed the musty smell was gone. Like really gone. Every night for a week we would leave it in different areas including closets and the basements. We even opened every cabinet and would set the machine up right by them. I went from walking into this house with an instant allergy flair up to breathing easy. Currently I keep it in the hall by the bedrooms and let it run on low. Knowing I am providing my family with healthy air to breath is priceless. I know I sound like a commercial, but I'm telling you it works!

You can read more about it for yourself and all the technical info here. For more information you can email my long time friend Amy Ball at She is also offering a FREE healthy home check up kit to see what may be growing in your home. Email her and she can send it out to you! I highly recommend it especially if you suffer from allergies or asthma as we do. This is one of those times that all the hype reads true.

*I'm also considering hosting a little info session with Amy at my house for any locals who may want to know more. Let me know if you all have any interest and I can arrange something.