Pillow Crush

So you must already know I have an addiction to chairs and lamps. Well, my addiction furthers to pillows. These have caught my eye as of late...

Gray paired with gold is one of my favorite color combos. Pieces do you know how much I love you?

You may be my newest crush. Neutral with a great graphic pattern.

Hello beautiful. You would make any sofa stand out.

This lovely I won from Head Over Heels. Love Nelya and her blog.

Eddie Ross made these beauties from vintage scarves. I am thinking this is a must do.

Yes, my taste in pillows may be expensive and no I can not really afford all these lovelies, but this one makes it to the list and is affordable!

Considering my life change to simplify all these must stay as crushes. I will admire you all from afar, but do know I love you.