The Patio

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It only took me 6 years to get the back yard to where I love it. HA. It took many mistrials and making my once black thumb green. The kitchen garden is just starting to fill in so I will share that later along with my wall of limelight hydrangeas. They are much prettier once in bloom. The pergola my papa built really made our yard come to life. It gave our basic box some character. He built it back in August and with the spring season I knew I wanted to put it to good use. After pricing out larger outdoor sofa's I soon came to realize we could not afford one so my papa came to the rescue and made me one! It's perfect for napping. Most everything else I had or repurposed in some way. The hammock swings on the play set are quite a hit still and I find myself using them too. Currently the wooden swings are simply wrapped around the top of the set, but the Mr had to help me with that and did not do so till after I took the pics. The roses are iceburg climbing roses that I have had for 3 or so years now. I think by this time next year they will start to cover the pergola and add some more shade. The petals do rain down, but I rather like the fairytale of it all.

outdoor sofa DIY: $55.00 for untreated pine wood sealed with outdoor stain | cushions | navy pillow | pink pillow {old pottery barn}

wicker chairs {old Lowes} similar | pillows {old pottery barn}

coffee table DIY: old plant stand base plus old table top painted with outdoor rustoleum paint

pouf: {West Elm last end of season sale} similar

hammock swings: similar if not the same

metal chairs {old Target} similar  | new navy cushions | pillows {old pottery barn}

wire side table DIY: base {target wire basket } | marble top from old said plant stand

Just a Peek...


My backyard is finally complete! This has been a work in progress for YEARS and I am giddy. I have more thing arriving any day now. I am planning on getting "good" photos this week, but could not help sharing a little iPhone peek. My papa was a huge part of making my vision complete. He built the pergola last summer for me and then built the sofa recently. Buying a an outdoor sofa just wasn't in the budget so I showed him a few I liked, bought cushions and he made it all come together. Oh, and not to say the Mr did not do his far share. He laid new sod last month in our mostly bare yard and was responsible for every hole dug in our hard clay over the years. The garden is at the stage where it looks wild and established and I could not be any happier. If you need me just come to back. It has quickly become my happy spot.

Splish ~ Splash {my garden guests}

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I was rather nervous with the freeze we had last week. My garden already started to bloom and I was weary that I may loose her. Alas she is going strong! The kiddos and I are loving that our backyard has become somewhat of a bird sanctuary. We have all sorts of types come through daily and we even have a number of nests in bird houses and among our climbing roses. Both the Mr and I have had quite the shock when working on the roses and birds come flying out. I for one will let them be and the kiddos are eager to see if they hatch babies. One of our new additions is a Kenroy Home birdbath. It's at a great price point and the quality is ever so good. It kind of reminds me of something Restoration Hardware would carry. I think the birds are happy too. My papa currently is building me a sofa for under the pergola and I am giddy. My only specification was that it was nap worthy. HA. I will share once I have the patio all set up. The kitchen garden is starting to sprout and the strawberries made it through the winter thankfully. I believe I may never leave the backyard this summer. Who wants to join me? I'll even make desserts. Paleo mind you, but still yummy none the less.

Here's a peek at last years garden.