take my word for it...

Have you all heard of Kan Jam? I hadn't till we played at a friends house recently. It is so stinkin fun. We ended up getting it ourselves the very next day. Thought it would make for a fun gift for a brother, son, or Mr if you all are stumped. To be honest though I was just as excited to get it. It's a 4 person game and it's hard to explain the directions out loud. Sounds lame till you actually give it a go, HA, but it really is so fun. I also like that it's easily portable unlike some games like bocce ball. I know this will be played Christmas day by the whole fam and how fun is that?



Our Christmas tradition with the kiddos is that they get 3 to 4 gifts plus stocking stuffers every year. Couple that with gifts from family and it it keeps it from getting too out of control. Our number does not include the PJ's they get the night before or the ornament we gift them every year. Also if it's things like art supplies then that's all grouped together and considered one. We try to stay budget friendly and do the bigger things for birthdays. Although last year KJ wanted a camera and we found this one on a black Friday deal and he still uses it all the time. This year Ellie is wanting mostly American Girl goodies. Actually that is the only this on her list currently. KJ has his guide mapped out with drawings to match so I don't get confused. HA.

{1} remote control helicopter: We own a few of these and they are the only ones that have held up. They are also at the best price point we have found. This year he is wanting the double propeller one.

{2} art: Ellie, 9 going on 15, is at  new age where she is happy to get things for her room and it really feel like a gift. Of course add her name and I am sure she would be over moon.

{3} headphones: Both the kiddos have been into music this past year. We found these headphones to hold up best after going through a few pairs with KJ. We let them use our phones and ipad to keep it regulated. Frozen is still a huge hit, but this has been on repeat for them. These were a stocking stuffer last year, but add an itunes gift card and it would make quite a treat.

{4} matching dresses: I had a friend order these for her girls and they are just too cute. I also love that it's something practical, but also fits into Ellie's American Girl doll list.

{5} ship kite: We have this and LOVE it. It sends KJ's imagination into overdrive yet adds to family fun. Plus it looks good when not in use.

{6} Rainbow Loom: Both Ellie and KJ have been obsessed with this the last couple of years. It's also a great car activity for trips. Ellie and KJ continually make them for gifts which I love. It really is so fun.

{7} purse: It sparkles. Need I say more?

{8} Sphere: this we have had for years and is the number one toy that gets played with when friends are over. Everyone from the youngsters to adult age seem to break it out.

{9} Book: This one KJ has and loves. It's also one that I don't mind reading over and over. They have a girl version that I'm looking forward to getting my hands on, you know for Ellie's sake.


GIFT GUIDE {in the kitchen}


There are those people that love to be in the kitchen. Whether it's trying new recipes or setting up for a gathering of friends it just seems like a place where they are most at home. For me I am not the best cook, but I enjoy trying something new and if I happen to get to use something pretty well then I may just be more prone to enjoying myself more. Sad, but oh so true.

{1} Cheese Knives: These I would keep out with fancy or not so fancy cheese on a pretty board for guests to serve themselves. Perfect for those who like to keep entertaining easy and casual. You could even pair it with a gift card to a local grocer.

{2} Cutting Board: Really can one have too many especially when they are as pretty as this one.

{3} monogrammed glass ware:  If I had a brother he would surely be getting these, but this gift would be great for both females and males a like.

{4} An Apron: An apron that is perfect for a dad, husband, brother, but also good for the ladies to "borrow". This one I wouldn't mind leaving out either.

{5} Pie Dish: I know any friend or family member would be giddy to receive a pie in a handmade dish to keep. Would also be a fun project for the kids to help out with.

{6}  sea salts: sea slats are my favorite and make for quite a thoughtful gift. They easily could fit in a stocking too.

{7} Ina: Easy enough for those just learning and always yummy enough for the seasoned cook.

{8} Danielle: A favorite of mine and perfect for those who have diet restrictions. This one happens to be perfect for the paleo diet, but the recipes are good enough that even the gluten lovers will like it.