On our little Atlanta adventure we went into Bungalow Classic. The shop was gorgeous. Again I really do wish I had my real camera on me and next time I will be sure to have it, but for now again with the blackberry. All the raw wood, linen, and gray paired with white had me head over heels. The stair case looks very much like the color I painted our master dresser in so of course I had to snap a photo. The small doses of color scattered about mostly in pillows never felt overwhelming. Maybe, just maybe I could do color, but I will have to start slow or will surely chicken out.

Ann Mashburn Obsessed

While in Atlanta we did a bit of exploring and before I knew it I made my way into Ann Mashburn. I posted a couple of pics of her home here and was smitten with her use of pink. Well, her shop did not disappoint and mimicked her home beautifully. My only regret is that I did not have my real camera on me so the blackberry had to do.

I adored the white walls paired with a dark gray and brass knobs. This is going in my inspiration file for our next house.

Of course the clothing was right up my alley too. Rather simplistic with great use of color and pattern.

Another photo for my files. I am thinking recreating this look somewhere is a must. Oh, and the sisal carpeting is stunning must have too.

I even saw Ann Mashburn in her shop and only had the guts to say hello. She was adorable in white jeans, cowboy boots, a simple black top, and a messy up-do. I also saw and actually spoke to her daughter, but happened to leave out how much I love their home, ha! I am sure they would have thought I was crazy.

* Bryn was sweet enough to share a link for knob look a likes. Now I am thinking of where I could put them in our current house!

Pink Done Right

I saw these images over on The Neo-Traditionalist and was instantly smitten. You know I adore my sea of neutrals, but I must say the pink sofa's have me falling head over heels. Not sure if the Mr. would ever go for it, but wouldn't it be fun? It's from the home of Ann Mashburn owner of the Ann Mashburn boutique in Atlanta. I am thinking I may need to make a stop in while Marianne and I take a day trip to Atlanta to visit a few of our favorite shops.

{images and interview found here}

*Please excuse my scarceness over the past week and this week. We have family in town and I have been working on some last minute projects for others that have had me away from the computer. I will be back after Christmas to catch up on all your blogs and emails. I truly miss so many of you!



I think I need to make a quick run into Pet Smart to see Martha's line of dog goodies. I am not one for skull and bones, but the idea is brilliant for a little shirt. I would so not mind if our little pup left his toys out if they all looked as good as these.

Oh, yes he sure did find one of KJ's old pacy's and took it upon himself to make it his own. Ridiculous, I know.

Our Christmas Cards with Minted

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is sending out our Christmas cards. Last year we went with a photo with just kiddos that we adored, but this year I knew I wanted a family photo, which is much easier said than done with two small ones. While on vacation we decided to take a chance and see what we could come up with. Thankfully it went off without a hitch and we managed to capture quite a few winners.

A few tips on capturing a great family photo...

1) Dress in what you are comfortable in. You can wear complementing outfits without being too matchy matchy.
2) Keep it simple...especially when using a self timer like we did for the first image. If you try too hard it will show, and not necessarily in a good way.
3) Be yourself. Again this goes back to dressing in what you would normally wear and stay away from too many trends unless that is who you really are. People want to see the real you.
4) Have fun!!! So many people put too much pressure on having to get that perfect shot, but in the long run you will see the stress of it all on your faces. The in between moments are always our favorites anyways.
5) Using a self timer can be hard even for a photographer like my Mr. so asking a friend to help can be a life saver. It also gave us the chance to do something that comes completely natural to us...walking as a family.

Then comes the choosing of the card. We being the creative types like to be a bit different and try to choose something that not only represents our family, but our photography as well. Once we saw Minted we knew they would be the best choice for us. The quality is superb with thick paper and the designs are fresh and so very unique. We liked them so much we choose two different designs this and this one. Really it was too hard to choose just we didn't!

Now to get addressing so I can have them ready to send out the week after Thanksgiving. Yes, I like to be on top of things.

Vacation + Good Eats

If you happen to follow my tweets then I am sure you quickly realized I was on our family vacation. We go to Rosemary Beach Florida a couple times a year and it has really become quite the tradition over the past 6 years or so. Although we cook most nights it never fails that we eat at the Pizza Bar in Seaside a few times. Yes, it's that good! Not only is the food divine, but so is the atmosphere...

We eat out on the beach side patio every time.

I get the focaccia bread topped with mozzarella and mushrooms.

The Mr. gets the sausage something or other...

The table always ends up looking like this...

It's pure bliss really. If you would like to see some of our favorite family photos you can see them on my Mr's site, here. They may be my favorite yet.

* Also while away I stepped back from my emails/blogging. I tried to catch up over the weekend. If you sent one and I did not reply please email me again. I may have gotten delete happy.

This & That

I just adore Seleta of Simply Seleta. I love her aesthetic, fashion sense, and most of all her mommy tid-bits. I also adore The ladies of Tracery Interiors. Paige I got to know a little better at the local blogger party that she and Doug hosted and I must say she is fabulous, Bess I go and visit at the Tracery Shop every time I am in Rosemary, and Anna Kay I hope to meet one day. Anyway The ladies and Seleta have teamed up for a monthly style session and I am smitten. This past month was all about vignettes and this one had me head over heels in love. It also happened to match my go to outfit for fall.

MINTED: a giveaway

I honestly don't do too many giveaway's. Not that I am opposed, but I like to only give what I believe my readers will adore. This is one that I truly adore so I hope you do too! MINTED, a very hip design on paper shop, is giving one of you a $200 dollar credit towards your Christmas cards this year. The only catch is you must order by Black Friday. I know that every year we try to get our cards out the week after Thanksgiving so I think the catch is not such a big thing. Their designs make me giddy, above are a few of my favorites. Clean + Fresh = Perfection

How to Enter:

1. Let me know which new Christmas 2010 card design you adore most on MINTED.

2. Check back on Friday to see if you won. That's it, you are now entered. A happy dance may ensue.

3. If you would like an additional entry then let me know you are or have become a follower of Two Ellie in another comment. That way you should have 2 comments for this one giveaway.

Between the Sheets...

Today I am guest blogging over on Gramercy's blog for their series Between the Sheets. I shared some of my all time favorite bedrooms and gave you all a look into mine. It's changed a bit from before. Now if only I could add this night table...

and this dresser...

with the same carpeting then I would be in pure bliss. Of course for now I am happy with what I have. Both pieces are from Chelsea House's fall collection and will be in the Gramercy's shop soon. Aren't they insanely gorgeous?

Dallas Shaw for Dace

I instantly became smitten when I opened an email from Dace. It seems the brilliant artist Dallas Shaw partnered with Dace to make a rather lovely paper doll with clothes to match. Each month they will release a new set of clothing till Dace's fall line is completely out. Oh, and did I happen to mention they are free to download and print? I printed out two sets one for Ellie to play with and one to frame. They are that gorgeous. Can't wait for the next one's to be released!

The Commissary

I could live in this booth at a local design warehouse and shop The Commissary. I love the whole shop really, but this certain booth screams me. Sorry for the not so great blackberry pic. I hope to bring my real camera in soon if they allow it and give you all a full tour. It truly is a stunning place.


I am sure you all have already seen these images of the new J. Crew Bridal shop, but I could just not add them to my journal of pretties. I am rather smitten how they designed it very much like a home, well a very posh french home. Oh yes, this sure does take my J. Crew obsession to a whole new level. I simply now want to live there!

What I Wore

Did you happen to know I won this fabulous Rikshaw kurta from one of my favorite blogs? Well, I did and it came in this week! Even though I have still haven't made it out of the house much my new little prize made me want to get dressed. Let's just say I am smitten. Cute and comfortable? YES, please! Oh, and did I happen to mention Rikshaw is having a huge sale. I am thinking this top with a pair of leggings is going to be my new fall uniform and I am pumped.

Rikshaw Blog here.

What I Wore- and Ellie's New Favorite

This will be my last what I wore for the next few weeks. I hear that after this surgery I won't be making it out of bed for a couple of weeks never mind making it out of the house. Oh and for those that are curious it seems my body did not think too kindly to having two babies close together. In short my insides are trying to make there way out so they are going to put them all back where they go. Lovely isn't it? Anyway, back to the outfits at hand...

Oxfords: Steve Madden
Shorts and Top: J.Crew. Oh, and this striped top I bought years ago and somewhat started my stripe obsession. If only you saw my closet you would laugh with all the stripes.
Necklace: Anthropolgie. I am trying to be better with accessories. I thought this piece was a good start.
Sunglasses: T.J. Maxx

Dress: had for years maybe T.J. Maxx
Shoes: Chinese Laundry found at Ross
Necklace: Anthropologie. Love it so much I want to wear it everyday.

top: Gap last year or two ago?
shorts: J.Crew
shoes: Chinese Laundry. It seems I repeated quite a bit this week.
belt: Anthropologie

Now to Ellie's dress. This is Ellie's new favorite dress so much so that she never wants to take it off. She has also claimed it to be her birthday party dress because she looks so pretty in it and really I must agree. Ellie is a hard fit she is very thin but also tall. Most dressed swallow her whole or are too short. This dress fits her perfectly. The key is the way the straps tie, they can be any length you choose. She will be able to wear this dress for years. When she eventually gets too tall a pair of leggings would work and look cute.

The dress is from Hijkids. My new go to shop for extra special pieces that are slightly different from what every other child is wearing. Remember this cute number? Another gorgeous dress from this super cute shop.

A Few New Things

I am not sure if you remember, but part of my New Year resolutions of sorts was to simplify. I feel as if I am getting there slowly but surely. One step towards this goal was to refrain from buying lamps for 6 months. I have a bit of addiction to them. So my time is up and I came home with this beauty and another similar tall lamp which will be revealed along with Ellie's room. Honestly I think it would have been hard not to get them even if my time were not up. Isn't she gorgeous? If you can't tell this is my entry which is always changing. This feels perfect for summer to me. The copper planter is filled with sea shells from all our beach tips, the glass bottle holds my favorite flower, the thrift store bowl with gold detailing is perfect for mints, and my favorite new piece is a print I won from Le Papier Studio. I think a print like this would make for a unique wedding gift. I just adore her shop and blog. Vana truly is an inspiration.

Simply Stunning

After seeing The Design Capital Kitchen in Melbourne on Apartment Therapy I became quite smitten. It reminds me of a bit of moomah in New York which is where I got the inspiration for KJ's big boy room. This eatery has everything I love, industrial touches, gorgeous woods, planted herbs, and such a gorgeous and simple color scheme. Oh, how I wish I could have all those baskets to line my upper cabinets, just gorgeous. Be sure to go here to see more of this stunning place. The rest of it is just as breathtaking.

{images via Kelly Green}