Shopping Hiatus: 2 weeks down

Okay, so I have to admit I did buy a few things. I bought paint brush rollers and a paint tray. Whew, happy I got that off my chest. Just kidding, I did buy those things, but it would be very hard to do my room without them. I do want to add some final touches to my room, but for now I will have to do with what I have. This may be a good thing, I may actually end up buying what I really want instead of odds and ends that I tire of quickly. Oh, and don't get me wrong I have been tempted...

Alyson from Unruly Things put this lovely ensemble together from J.Crew. I want it and I want it bad.

This rug would look quite lovely in my new room. Maybe Pottery Barn will have it on sale after my shopping hiatus. I really do hope so.

The lovely Blair from Delight by Design posted this lovely bag from Gerard Darel. Lucky for me they are based out of Paris, so in reality I would not be able to buy this purse anyway. It is so pretty to look at though.

{image via In(side) the Loop via here.}

Last, but in no way least I would love to drive around in one of these. The ever so stylish Courtney from In(side) the Loop posted on this lovely Fiat 600. Be sure to check out her blog for more insight into these amazing tiny cars.