The Making of a Powder Bath: the reveal

I can’t believe I am finally able to share our finished powder bath. This space may be small, but it took a lot of sweat equity and time to complete. The design was simple. I wanted to make the space have a more organic and minimal feel and this meant paring it all back. You can see the BEFORE here and the PROGRESS here. I painted the space Sherwin Williams alabaster which is a warm white that we used throughout our home. The Mr sanded down the previously deep red vanity to the raw wood. I still need to seal it, but it’s been over a year and hasn’t sustained any damage yet so we shall see. We also added this hardware. I changed the ornate mirror to a simple wood framed one I found at Home Goods for a mere $35.00. Although I was tempted to use this one, but budget ultimately won. We changed out the lights to something more minimal and used my favorite silver tipped bulbs to add some interest and keep the space from being too bright. The piece that made the biggest impact was adding the marble. This marble seriously makes me swoon. It’s the cherry on the sundae, the icing on the cake, and every other happy inducing metaphor out there. This marble is also part of a God story that leaves me breathless.

I had the honor of helping my bestie streamline her design for her cottage remodel. She knew what she wanted, but with so many ideas out there it can become overwhelming quickly. I simply came in and made sure all aspects worked together, adjusting where needed, finding the perfect paint colors, and trouble shooting old house problems. Simple enough for me. During that season, little Kellen came on many a site visits and sourcing trips as he was homeschooling due to the height of his sickness. In turn it meant he befriended quite a few tradesmen. In the end my friend had marble left over from her own install and gifted the rest to me for this space. I was giddy to say the least. That in itself was an overwhelming gift, but then the installer who befriended little K and I gifted us the installation. What makes it even more wild is that on install day he showed up with this Alabama White. He saw it and he stated he knew it was meant for me and hoped I didn’t mind the change. I not once told him or anyone else that this was my dream marble. I have no doubt that the Lord orchestrated this from the beginning. I know the story was not to be found in the finishing of my bath even though that feels oh so good, but the blessing of knowing that He sees me and my desires even durning a season when we were just surviving. I was seen during a season of feeling hidden. A season where life stopped yet He was progressing it in a space and in a way that speaks specifically to me. So in short I guess you can say this post is brought to you by God and His miracle.

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As I've mentioned earlier this space was meant to be filled with simple changes. One’s that wouldn’t break the bank or entail major structural changes. This also meant that I had to become creative in certain areas. One area that drove me bonkers is that this built in shelf is off center. I just could not keep “seeing” it every time a walked by. Solving the problem ended up being as simple as adding these tassels I found in Sugarboo one day. It somewhat tricks the eye into making it all feel more centered even though it is not in the slightest. They act as art in the space and didn’t set us back financially.

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Besides the marble this faucet was the other biggest change. It’s minimal and clean in feel. The polished nickel is currently my favorite finish. The warmth the nickel brings was just what this space needed. Chrome would have felt too cold paired with the over all warm finishes that are currently in this space. The polished nickel is the perfect mix.

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Originally the previous homeowners didn’t have hardware on the cabinet, but I knew functionally we needed it. Once I saw these at Rejuvanation I fell head over heels. I love the way the matte black pops off the raw wood vanity. Plus I love the weight and feel of them. Ikea now has a similar looking version that is lighter on the wallet, but for me these were worth the splurge since we didn’t need many.

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This space is now a favorite one. If it wasn’t weird to just hang out in there I probably would all the time. Grateful for good friends and new friends who made this space what it is.

Shop the Space:

faucet: by Speakman in polished nickel

hardware: Rejuvanation in matte black

hand towels: Target {I bought in store, but they look more griege/beige in person than online}

sconces: Industrial Light Electric

lightbulbs: silver tipped

handsoap: method {I buy the refill packs to save on waste}


Sometimes in the midst of a hectic week I just have the need for something to work the way I imagine it should. This just so happens to be the case with a ribbon dyeing or should I say re-dyeing experiment that I recently did during one of those weeks when everything seemed to be going array. For our photography business we use lots and lots of ribbon. Mostly for our packaging, but also for styling and on occasion for Ellie's hair. At the beginning of summer I dyed this silk fabric turned ribbon a tad too bright of a corally pink. I left it in the dye for a minute too long or maybe I used too much dye all together, but either way the color was much too vivid for my liking. I deemed it fine for summer, but with fall and winter right around the corner I was wanting a deeper and softer color. I did not want to waste all the newly created ribbon or pack it away for I know myself too well and the said ribbon would be forgotten. Out of sight out of mind.  I took half of my stash, leaving room for error,  to see if I could change it up a bit. I saved my coffee grounds after making my favorite ice coffee recipe and re-soaked them in water to make a deep muddy color. The following day I put the water over medium low heat and soaked the ribbon for a few hours. I did a quick rinse off in the sink and as I watched the ribbon dry I was pleasantly surprised that what remained was a much more muted corally pink color. I then repeated the process with the rest of the ribbon I had on hand. This not so important DIY gave me the second wind I needed. The process takes time and when the outcome is iffy at best it was nice to have a tangible accomplishment even if it is a small and somewhat silly one. Have you all had any victories that may seem unimportant while in the midst of something so much greater, but that little victory just makes everything seem okay even if it is just for a moment?



I could not be any more proud of the way this old dresser turned out. I shared a bit of the process here last week. After giving it two rounds of stripper then a good sanding it looks better than ever. The old yellowed wood was not doing this piece any justice. I am now ready to tackle more of the bedroom set which lives in Ellie's room! My raw wood addiction will live on. HA.