There are certain colors I seem to gravitate towards. Blue happens to be one of them. I adore every shade and am excited to be working it into my neutral home this year.

The working shutters of the Bodie and Fou french home has me head over heels. There is a local home that is like this, I want to live there, I hope it comes up for sale once we are ready to buy. I simply adore it.

She looks lovely in blue. Love her dark brows and pretty freckles showing through. Now if only I could actually read Les Composantes. Thier images inspire me so. 

{Lonny design by lulu powers}

I am sure you all have already seen this image, but it is one that I can not get enough of. I hope to recreate it one day. So pretty.

This is me, please excuse my awkward arm. The Mr. was testing light for this past weekends wedding and maybe I had an itch? Who knows, but I wanted to share my new favorite shirt. Oh, and a belt would have made this outfit so much cuter, but I forgot it at home.

Getting out of my PJ's

Last week I mostly stayed home, simply because KJ was so sick and the Mr's work schedule kept him away and busy. This tends to lend itself to me not wanting to get out of my pj's. As I was about to head out the door to pick up Ellie from school I decided to do the next best thing to pj's and put on my boyfriend jeans. I have had them so long that the holes naturally occurred.

The pink lip thing is new too. My face has been breaking out like crazy and my eyes have been swelling. I am blaming it on the mascara and bad eating habits lately. Lipstick does not affect me though, so that is all I have been wearing. The Mr. likes it.

I thought my outfit could instantly become a little more special with the Coach wedges. Are they not gorgeous? I am also sure the Mr. wouldn't mind me leaving them out if he could have a man office that resembled this. It would add the feminine touch that every room needs.

jacket: J.Crew
top: J.Crew
jeans: AG
shoes: Toms
purse: Cynthia Rowley found at T.J. Maxx
sunglasses: Fred Flare
lipstick: Cover Girl in Darling Cherie

horns: High Street Market
green boxes: Kelley Street Vintage
book shelf: West Elm
chair: Lee Industries
rug: Jayson Home & Garden

The Long or Short of It

I think this dress is rather lovely. Long or short would do. I think a pair of  rugged boots, a slouchy bag, and glamorous bracelet would make it work for me. A simple braided up do would round it all out nicely. Of course it is in the 30's so perhaps a cute cropped jacket would be needed. Then again this little get up is just a dream so in my dream it could also be in the mid 70's.


The Mr. and I are not one's to exchange gifts on Christmas. We do stuff stockings with a few goodies, but that's about it. We prefer to give to others more. That being said I am over on Elleinad Spir sharing a gift wish that I just adore, but really have no intentions of actually getting. And since I am just playing make believe then I would also take this tweed jacket and top from Emerson Made to top it all off. Isn't make believe fun?

New York, New York

In the last few weeks I have actual had more than one request for outfit ideas for people going to NYC. Although I may not be the most fashionable I thought I would share what I would wear and as you know I love to be comfortable.

For days out walking the streets of New York and doing a bit of shopping my number one key piece would be a pair of leggings. Of course skinny jeans would work too, but nothing beats a comfortable pair of leggings. I would first pair it with a plaid long top, boots, and a purse that could cross over my body if I needed an extra hand. The second day a long top, pretty scarf, flats, and a cocktail ring would make me rather happy. I am sure the rest of my days would also be some variation of these two outfits. I know, I don't stray far from what I love.

A fun night out would be in order although I am sure I would be just as happy ordering room service and watching a movie in. A dress that could be worn alone or with an army jacket would be the way I would go. A belt to cinch off the waist would be a must with this one. A small clutch to hold my phone and a few cards would be all that I would need. Shoes with an edge and a good heel always make me feel just a bit more confidant. To top it all off a delicate necklace would add a softness to the whole ensemble that I would just adore.

* Also I want to say a huge thank you for all the support you all gave me yesterday with my new endeavor. I am so excited and so happy you are too! Have a great weekend.

Gray + Green

Last night I attended a blogger party at the home of Doug from Tracery Interiors. It was so fun getting to meet new people and spend time with the ones I already know and love. Doug's home is absolutely stunning, so stunning that many of us were ready to go home and do a bit of rearranging ourselves. I will be sure to post more on the party soon, but for now I will leave you with what I wore and huge thank you to Doug for opening up his home to us. Tracery also announced some pretty big and exciting news today!

Jacket: J.Crew
Dress: Target
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: a gift


I am not one for sweatshirts, but one with sequins could just do the trick. I could easily see it worn with a pair of black leggings and a cool pair of boots this fall. I always think of dressing cozy in the cooler months. It just makes me happy.

What I Wore - Shabby Apple Ed.

The sweet people from Shabby Apple were kind enough to send over a dress for a little review. My review? I am in LOVE! No Ellie did not pick the shoes for this dress, but my Mr. told me which looked best. We thought we would make it extra fun so I donned some red lipstick and we did a little shoot. Now Ellie thinks I should wear lipstick everyday, but alas that will not happen since I rarely even wear makeup. Isn't this dress just the sweetest? One of my sisters thought so too and when she tried it on I could tell she felt pretty so it now hangs in her closet. Everyone needs a dress that makes them feel extra special. So a dress that makes you feel pretty and special, now that's a winner. I can't wait to try their fitness line and this swimsuit is just too divine, oh and to order another dress, ha!

What I Wore

Sandals by Franco Sarto, dress Target

Sandals by Franco Sarto, dress Ross, headband J.Crew

Well, I have only two outfits to share this week. I thought you wouldn't be interested in my husbands tee's that I wore the rest of the week. I have been sick, so very sick. Barely have made it out of bed. Painful aches, nausea, fatigue and headaches kept me company most days. Anyway, Ellie was good to me and picked my new sandals 2 days in a row. Much better than the hooker heels she has been picking every other day. Oh, and did you notice that I wore things other than J.Crew? It happens time from time.

What I Wore

I remember hearing Jenna Lyons in an interview saying she lets her little boy pick out her shoes every morning and she does her outfits around them. I thought this to be an adorable idea and decided to give it a go with Ellie and KJ. The last outfit was all me, we were out of town sans kiddos shooting a wedding but I thought I would share anyway.

Day 1

Out running errands. Top, pants, cardigan all J.Crew. Shoes Payless, belt I have had it so long it may be considered vintage.

Day 2

Working in the garden and I am gross. Top to bottom J.Crew.

Day 3

Running errands with the little man. Shoes converse, tank J. Crew, romper American Eagle (yes, I know I am too old to shop in there this is my only piece mind you).

Day 4

Rehearsal dinner. Dress J. Crew and shoes Nine West.

Day 5

The wedding party ran a 5k first thing in the morning. I took pictures. Top to bottom J. Crew. Belt vintage.

Before I started I thought this could make a fun weekly post, but then I soon realized by the second week all my outfits start looking the same and getting pictures everyday is a pain. Also this is a lot of me on here and well that's just not that interesting. If you all really do care about what I wore then maybe I can an outfit a week or something. I will let you all decide.


Today I am spending the morning at the salon getting this treatment done. I hope to walk out looking a bit like this...

I wonder if the salon also has a stylist? And no, I am not going blond just frizz free and straight. No more mix texture for me, yippee!

{images via La Dolce Vita}

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend. I am thankful beyond measure for what Jesus did for me. I believe in a living Savior.


I have parties on my mind. Maybe it's because it's one of my best friends birthday today {Happy Birthday sweet Lauren}. Well, if I were going to a party I would wear this metallic beauty and slide on the perfect pair of flats. I wouldn't need to bring much except a little gloss so this bag should do. I would bring a unique set of bowls wrapped with love and a gift tag that would make it all that extra special. I would enter through a gorgeous entry way that I would secretly wish were mine, but my friend would notice my ring and wish it were her's. I think a trade would be in order.

And no Lauren this is not really your gift, but I think you will love what I got you anyway. I am not really made of money, I just like to dream a little. Although you already knew that.

Rikshaw Design

Every once in awhile I go a little crazy and think that I must be pregnant. MUST be. No, we are not trying and yes we have decided that we are done, but still. Anyway while I was lying awake for much too long I started to think of what bedding I would use and of course I picked Rikshaw Design. Oh, and did I mention in my little crazy world I was having twins and then got a little panicky because there is no way we could afford two sets so then I came to the conclusion that surely she would have a sample sale before I gave birth. Anyway, today I am back to reality and decided that it would be quite a miracle if I were pregnant and that I will instead start saving for a cute little tunic that will be coming out this spring. I am so excited!

Today me and this fabulous lady are starting my kitchen back splash! Share the outcome soon.


I am quite smitten with the line by Maria Sharapova for Cole Hann. Wouldn't mind having a pair or two. I also would not mind having her legs, just saying.

{brilliant photography by The Shelby}


This weekend a very dear friend of ours is getting married. With this spring like weather I am feeling quite glamorous. I think I will done a fabulous dress, kick up my heels, lay the pretty little clutch in my lap while sitting ever so elegantly in a gorgeous chair while I savor every bite of a yummy cupcake. Let's not forget that my pretty little earrings would sway as I walked to admire the beautiful flowers. Of course, this all would be ever so lovely if my funds were unlimited, ha! I hope you all have such a wonderful weekend. Any big plans?


I first came across MAAN while browsing Black Eiffel. The kids line was too cute not to share again. Too bad it's a Belgium line so I will have to admire from afar. I am sure Ellie would love to sport any one of these looks.

Caroline Joy

I won this fabulous Caroline Joy cardigan from Federica of Sweet as a Candy. I like to think if I ever needed a place to stay in Italy she would welcome me with open arms. I am sure she would not think I was some sort of loon, ha! Anyway, Caroline Joy takes cardigans that have had a "previous life" and then give them a second chance with added detail. I was a little nervous about the quality of cardigan with a previous life, but this one is perfection. It is extremely soft and such a yummy plum color. She has such an eye for detail and I could not be anymore thrilled.

Oh, and this is me and my Ellie. That boo boo on her chin is from leaning on a pan that just came out of the oven, yikes.

Thank you Federica and Caroline Joy for such a precious gift that I am sure will get so much wear.


Jackie was the first to turn me onto Gryphon and I have not been able to get them out of my mind. So feminine yet with an edge. I am absolutely smitten with this long dress from their spring 2010 line...

I am thinking this would make an amazing 30th birthday party dress, but since this shorter number comes in at a lovely $575.00 I am thinking it will be a no go.

I am thinking my sewing skills are going to have improve greatly in the next 7 months to pull this one off.