It seems I have become quite smitten with pink lately. Not to say I haven't always loved it. My wedding colors were pink, black, and white. I just never embraced it as a decor staple. Oh, not counting my daughters room, we fully embraced it there.

{via Domino}

I have become especially smitten with this chair since posting it over a week ago...

{via The Vintage Laundress}

I then came across this fabric at a fabulous local fabric shop...

I love how it is more raspberry pink then hot pink. I think it would look nice on a bench we have that I plan to put in the hall that leads to the kiddos rooms. It will sit under our (in progress) mixed frame gallery wall. For those who know I don't do too much color that is another story when it comes to my kiddos part of the house. And yes, when I go fabric shopping and don't want to check out samples I take a pic with my blackberry and it helps me remember pricing. I am practical like that.