Outfit to Room... Eco Chic

I absolutely adore Alabama Chanin and if you couldn't guess they are based right here in Alabama. Each piece is handmade locally and use recycled and organic materials. I am so excited to be able to include them in not only my outfit to room series, but also my eco-friendly week.

{photo via Delight by Design}

This outfit as an entry way...

{via Lee Industries}

A lovely place to sit to pull on your rain boots.

{via Pottery Barn}

Reclaimed wood side tables would make a nice spot for keys and mail.

{via Stray Dog}

A mirror to check your lip gloss on the way out.

{via pieces, of course}

An old vine basket made into a light fixture fitted with a florescent light bulb of course.

{via pottery barn}

A natural fiber sisal rug would be cozy under foot.

{via Alabama Chanin}

Yes, I know this pillow is quite literal, but it is much too scrumptious not to share.

For this outfit to room I used more earth friendly options, but the best way to do it would be to buy local. Also, this room is so me. Just add one pop of color or shine then it would be perfect for my home. I just adore texture.

Have a happy weekend!

A Green Home

This home was given away by HGTV and the best part is that it's green. I normally imagine a more modern and simple home when I picture a green home, but this home is full of warmth and comfort. I love all the little touches such as the horse photo divided into three, the tile in the bath, the stools in the kitchen and that fabulous green room. I also am loving that composter. It may not be lovely looking, but it would do wonders for my garden.

Happy Earth Day!

I know I should do more to help the green effort, but I must be honest where I live makes it more difficult to make it a lifestyle. In order to simply recycle we would need to drive quite a ways in order to even make a drop off.

I do try to do a few things though...

1. I use organic cleaners such as Mrs. Meyers and Method.

2. I always try to remember my own bags for the grocery store.

3. I am a homebody so my car can sit in the garage for days at a time.

4. We use cloth napkins.

5. The magazines that I do not want to keep I pass on.

6. Low VOC paint is my paint of choice.

What I want to do...

1. Change out all our light bulbs to something more eco friendly.

2. Only buy what I need. Whether it's clothing or food, I just don't want to waste. FYI, I am continuing my shopping hiatus till the end of the year. I will expand on this later.

3. Bring my own bag to all stores, not just the grocery store.

4. Try to fit more organic and locally grown foods into the budget.

5. Use reusable water bottles for the whole family.

For helpful tips, here are a few blogs that feature green living in a beautiful way.

{a feature by The Haystack Needle}

I would love some more tips if you have them. I know I could do more. Now to go do some gardening.