Getting out of my PJ's

Last week I mostly stayed home, simply because KJ was so sick and the Mr's work schedule kept him away and busy. This tends to lend itself to me not wanting to get out of my pj's. As I was about to head out the door to pick up Ellie from school I decided to do the next best thing to pj's and put on my boyfriend jeans. I have had them so long that the holes naturally occurred.

The pink lip thing is new too. My face has been breaking out like crazy and my eyes have been swelling. I am blaming it on the mascara and bad eating habits lately. Lipstick does not affect me though, so that is all I have been wearing. The Mr. likes it.

I thought my outfit could instantly become a little more special with the Coach wedges. Are they not gorgeous? I am also sure the Mr. wouldn't mind me leaving them out if he could have a man office that resembled this. It would add the feminine touch that every room needs.

jacket: J.Crew
top: J.Crew
jeans: AG
shoes: Toms
purse: Cynthia Rowley found at T.J. Maxx
sunglasses: Fred Flare
lipstick: Cover Girl in Darling Cherie

horns: High Street Market
green boxes: Kelley Street Vintage
book shelf: West Elm
chair: Lee Industries
rug: Jayson Home & Garden


Have you seen the newish blog LIVE LOVE SMALL? It is chalk full of inspiration based around the small ones. I came across this room on her blog and was rather enamored with it. It's a huge departure from my own kiddos rooms, but the wooden bed, chalky walls, star lights, and cozy bedding have me wanting to recreate this look. In the mean time I will stick to simpler things inspired by this room. My Ellie would look rather sweet in this dress, KJ loves a good hat and I sure he would be smitten with this one, and as always a fabulous piece of art is always needed.

The Long or Short of It

I think this dress is rather lovely. Long or short would do. I think a pair of  rugged boots, a slouchy bag, and glamorous bracelet would make it work for me. A simple braided up do would round it all out nicely. Of course it is in the 30's so perhaps a cute cropped jacket would be needed. Then again this little get up is just a dream so in my dream it could also be in the mid 70's.


Before I head out the door I would make my bed and be sure to layer it with my favorite blanket that keeps me warm on the cooler nights we are now having. Two pretty pillows would sit front and center and then I would instruct my children not to jump on my freshly made bed. I would admire my oatmeal walls and then want oatmeal for breakfast. I would then be sure to grab my handbag and coat off my lovely chair, because let's be real and know I did not hang them up the night before. I adore a serene palette and my life needs some sort of serene.

* I am also guest posting on Simply Seleta today! Adore her and her blog.

New York, New York

In the last few weeks I have actual had more than one request for outfit ideas for people going to NYC. Although I may not be the most fashionable I thought I would share what I would wear and as you know I love to be comfortable.

For days out walking the streets of New York and doing a bit of shopping my number one key piece would be a pair of leggings. Of course skinny jeans would work too, but nothing beats a comfortable pair of leggings. I would first pair it with a plaid long top, boots, and a purse that could cross over my body if I needed an extra hand. The second day a long top, pretty scarf, flats, and a cocktail ring would make me rather happy. I am sure the rest of my days would also be some variation of these two outfits. I know, I don't stray far from what I love.

A fun night out would be in order although I am sure I would be just as happy ordering room service and watching a movie in. A dress that could be worn alone or with an army jacket would be the way I would go. A belt to cinch off the waist would be a must with this one. A small clutch to hold my phone and a few cards would be all that I would need. Shoes with an edge and a good heel always make me feel just a bit more confidant. To top it all off a delicate necklace would add a softness to the whole ensemble that I would just adore.

* Also I want to say a huge thank you for all the support you all gave me yesterday with my new endeavor. I am so excited and so happy you are too! Have a great weekend.

A Neutral Territory

As I am sure you all are well aware by now that I love neutrals. Needless to say then if I had my very own library then a neutral territory it would be. After a long day at work, okay playing with KJ, I would come in and throw my pretty tweed jacket over one of my four lovely club chairs that all sit in a circle. In the center of that circle my pendant light would shine an ever so lovely glow. Of course the walls would be lined with bookcases filled with many of my favorite designs books this one and this one would sit happily at the top of my many piles.

This & That

The other night Kellen did a photo shoot for a dear friend who is about to have a baby. We had fun and all played around. Kellen happened to get a few shots of me. Fast forward a bit and while doing a bit of blog browsing on Splendid Willow I came across a home that I had once featured before and am still completely smitten with. What does this have to do with that? Well, my odd self quickly realized that my outfit fits ever so perfectly with this home, especially the dining room. You might just say it was meant to be...

dining room via Style at Home
outfit: Scarf Banana Republic, Top J.Crew

An Inspired Entry

Some people can take or leave having a formal entry way. For me personally, I simply adore one. A stunning antique chest would be a must. It would make for a perfect spot to lay my shawl as I came in from a cool fall day. I would then click on my rather lovely lamp to check to see if I brushed my hair that day. Oh yes, I am well aware that is something I should have done before I left in the first place, oh well. A quirky piece to hold my mail would make me smile every time. As for the walls I would keep them young and fresh in pretty petal wallpaper. I think I would rather like this entry way.

A Little Bit of This and That

I realized I never posted my invites to my 30th birthday party so I thought I would share. I think they would have been lovely to make in this gorgeous office. I bought the paper with the flower at a local shop that was going out of business for an extreme discount I simply added the rest.

Also, more importantly, have you heard of Gilt the online discount shop? They carry everything from clothing to home wares not to mention shoes, accessories, and more. Well they also have a facebook page and for every like they will donate a dollar to Stand Up To Cancer. We have until Monday at 11:59 EST. I hate cancer and this is a great and easy way to give it a swift kick in the behind.

{first image via me, second via Martha Stewart}

Dreaming of Cooler Days

Here in Alabama it is still close to 100 degrees every day, but I cling onto hope that in the next couple of months we will feel a hint of fall. I look forward to trips to the zoo, the Mr. and I's nightly walks around the neighborhood to resume again, and of course fall fashion. You know leggings are my staple, but I do just love the idea of making my summer wardrobe work straight into fall. I pair of cute shorts are still stylish when paired with tights, a simple tee, and a scarf to top it all off. Oh, how I miss wearing scarves. A smart bag to carry pretty books, okay in reality I would be carrying coloring books, but you get the picture. A simple pair of super comfortable flats are a must year round really. I also hope to wear a watch much more often rather than depending on my blackberry, we have such a love hate relationship. Fall I look forward to enjoying you again. You are one of my favorites.

A Bold Teen's room

I rather enjoy a bold room although I can't actually live with one. I thought I would indulge myself and play pretend for the day. I could see a young teen's bedroom painted white or maybe even a dark gray if I want to be completely daring. Imperial Trellis wallpaper would make a bold statement on one wall. A fabric headboard in a fun bird fabric could take center stage against the trellis. A simple white duvet with a lovely trim would keep it from being too overwhelming. A nightstand with a modern feel makes me ever so happy. How about a traditional chair in a stand out color for a desk where I am sure homework would be getting done. The striped pendant really could make the whole room all on it's own. Let's not forget a soft spot to rest, I think a faux sheepskin rug would do the trick.

Turning 30: An Inspiration Board

This month I turn 30. I am rather quite excited. I always thought 30 sounded so grown up so maybe just maybe this will be the year I finally feel like one. I am not one to have a party for myself although I love to throw one for others, but I thought this year should be different. This year I shall have a birthday party of my very own. I am going to have my close knit friends that I have known since college. Although I am thinking a backyard soiree I am also thinking everyone must dress up. A little glitz and glamor is always fun in my book. I am thinking a pretty dress and a grownup version of a crown. You know I love a pretty heel, but flats may be more practical in my yard. As for decor I am thinking a la sunday suppers, a few balloons, and a yummy cake topped with the most perfect bunting. For my gift my Mr. is painting our kitchen cabinets so to continue on with that theme I would love for every friend to bring their favorite recipe to add to a pretty recipe box that would take center stage in my lovely kitchen. Oh, and not to forget party favors, maybe a lovely linen flower from Emersonmade could be worn during and even after the party. A pretty touch I think it would add.


Today is Ellie's actual birthday. Five is such a huge year. She starts kindergarten soon and will be in uniforms almost daily. Although she is excited to get to wear what she likes to call "unicorns" I feel this fits her stylish self best. A pretty dress that her mommy would also like to wear would be her choice. The gold shoes would top it all off and if you really new Ellie you would know we buy these in bulk. As she gets to color with brother I am sure she will pause and apply her new Lip Smacker. Oh, and let's not forget my sweet girl also has an eye for design so a colorful lamp and a few pom poms would fit into her room perfectly, of course if these were to actually make it into her room the walls would have to go white. She is only five after all. Happy Birthday to my little lady. You changed my life forever when you came into this world, I thank you.


I haven't been able to do much besides lay in bed which also means I haven't been getting all dolled up or really getting dressed for that matter. As soon as I get to break free though I will be sure to put on a sassy dress, slip on a pair of heels, and maybe even wear a bit of lipstick. Heck even at this point I wouldn't mind getting dressed up and staying in. Maybe some lemonade in grown up glasses would suffice as long as I get to sit in a a lovely chair for a while. I am rather loving the styles of the 50's and 60's as of late. A touch of elegance with an added touch of foxiness.

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.

J. Crack

Okay, lately I have been noticing that I wear a whole lot of J. Crew. It fits me well and I love the classic style so I won't feel guilty about it. We all know I love a good uniform so why shouldn't my whole uniform come from the same spot, right? So needless to say I have this top and the shorts. They make me feel all spring like. I wouldn't mind having these cute sandals to stroll around in, but then again I need another pair of sandals like I need a hole in my head. Of course a pedicure is in order while my tootsies are on display. The sunglasses bring a bit of edge to the look but the price may very well send me over the edge when I see one of the kiddos grab them. The purse would be easy to wear crossed over my shoulder while the kiddos and I get entangled in a game of tag. Oh, and when I become much too wore out to take another step then I would take a seat on a bench and start reading a good book.

Do you have a shop you can't get enough of?

A Date

I always love a date night with my hot husband. I think this pretty dress would do the trick. A high pair of wedges would make it easier to sneak in a quick kiss or two. Maybe for this date I will even wear a bit of makeup and what would be more perfect to carry it in than the Ellie bag? Why such a big tote, well lets be real the kiddos will probably be going out on the date with us and I will need a place to store a few notebooks and pens for entertainment while we wait on our fabulous meal. When we get back to the house we can put the kiddos to bed light some candles, throw down some pretty fabric and a few pillows and enjoy a dessert under the stars in the backyard. Pure bliss if I do say so myself.

Beach Bound

We are beach bound and I could not be more excited. The beach is my most favorite place to be. As we head down to the sand I will sport a one piece because that is how I roll. My towel won't be nearly as pretty as this one, but it will get the job done none the less. Of course my sun protective self will be sure to have sunscreen and a lovely hat. A simple beach bag will be filled to the gill with sand toys and a good book for me. A pair of sandals are a must and will be sure to protect my feet from the hot board walk. Oh, and that pretty urchin vase can hold the a few buds that I am sure my husband will get me. Why so blue? Well, it simply reminds me of the ocean.