There are certain colors I seem to gravitate towards. Blue happens to be one of them. I adore every shade and am excited to be working it into my neutral home this year.

The working shutters of the Bodie and Fou french home has me head over heels. There is a local home that is like this, I want to live there, I hope it comes up for sale once we are ready to buy. I simply adore it.

She looks lovely in blue. Love her dark brows and pretty freckles showing through. Now if only I could actually read Les Composantes. Thier images inspire me so. 

{Lonny design by lulu powers}

I am sure you all have already seen this image, but it is one that I can not get enough of. I hope to recreate it one day. So pretty.

This is me, please excuse my awkward arm. The Mr. was testing light for this past weekends wedding and maybe I had an itch? Who knows, but I wanted to share my new favorite shirt. Oh, and a belt would have made this outfit so much cuter, but I forgot it at home.

Getting out of my PJ's

Last week I mostly stayed home, simply because KJ was so sick and the Mr's work schedule kept him away and busy. This tends to lend itself to me not wanting to get out of my pj's. As I was about to head out the door to pick up Ellie from school I decided to do the next best thing to pj's and put on my boyfriend jeans. I have had them so long that the holes naturally occurred.

The pink lip thing is new too. My face has been breaking out like crazy and my eyes have been swelling. I am blaming it on the mascara and bad eating habits lately. Lipstick does not affect me though, so that is all I have been wearing. The Mr. likes it.

I thought my outfit could instantly become a little more special with the Coach wedges. Are they not gorgeous? I am also sure the Mr. wouldn't mind me leaving them out if he could have a man office that resembled this. It would add the feminine touch that every room needs.

jacket: J.Crew
top: J.Crew
jeans: AG
shoes: Toms
purse: Cynthia Rowley found at T.J. Maxx
sunglasses: Fred Flare
lipstick: Cover Girl in Darling Cherie

horns: High Street Market
green boxes: Kelley Street Vintage
book shelf: West Elm
chair: Lee Industries
rug: Jayson Home & Garden

Boots + A Room

I have had many request to bring back my 'what I wore' posts. Now that I am dwindling down my wardrobe to only what I LOVE and trying not to shop much for a year, well I am thinking they would get quite boring very fast. Today is different though. I got these fabulous boots and I never want to take them off! They feel like slippers and make the upcoming rainy season a little more exciting. I got them from Monika's new shop Splendid Willow Avenue. Love her and her new shop. She has impeccable taste.  Oh, and yes I am one of those that wears shades when it is dreary and rainy out. Bright natural light hurts my eyes. ha.

and if I were a room I would like to be this one for today. I think we would look smashing together in my little get up...

 boots: Ilse Jacobsen
sweater: J.Crew
leggings: J. Crew
gray tee: Target

This & That

I just adore Seleta of Simply Seleta. I love her aesthetic, fashion sense, and most of all her mommy tid-bits. I also adore The ladies of Tracery Interiors. Paige I got to know a little better at the local blogger party that she and Doug hosted and I must say she is fabulous, Bess I go and visit at the Tracery Shop every time I am in Rosemary, and Anna Kay I hope to meet one day. Anyway The ladies and Seleta have teamed up for a monthly style session and I am smitten. This past month was all about vignettes and this one had me head over heels in love. It also happened to match my go to outfit for fall.

Gray + Green

Last night I attended a blogger party at the home of Doug from Tracery Interiors. It was so fun getting to meet new people and spend time with the ones I already know and love. Doug's home is absolutely stunning, so stunning that many of us were ready to go home and do a bit of rearranging ourselves. I will be sure to post more on the party soon, but for now I will leave you with what I wore and huge thank you to Doug for opening up his home to us. Tracery also announced some pretty big and exciting news today!

Jacket: J.Crew
Dress: Target
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: a gift

This & That

The other night Kellen did a photo shoot for a dear friend who is about to have a baby. We had fun and all played around. Kellen happened to get a few shots of me. Fast forward a bit and while doing a bit of blog browsing on Splendid Willow I came across a home that I had once featured before and am still completely smitten with. What does this have to do with that? Well, my odd self quickly realized that my outfit fits ever so perfectly with this home, especially the dining room. You might just say it was meant to be...

dining room via Style at Home
outfit: Scarf Banana Republic, Top J.Crew

What I Wore

It seems taking pics of my outfits somewhat slipped my mind this week, but I will share what I did get...

Running errands in my new flats. I have been searching for a simple and comfortable pair for months. Every pair priced high and low hurt my feet. I finally came across these from Gap. I bought a size larger and they feel amazing. I now am buying them in multiple colors.

Flats: Gap
Top: J.Crew
Shorts: J.Crew

This has become my wedding shooting uniform of sorts. The dress is a classic style and I believe in dressing like I am not only shooting but also attending a wedding. You will never see me in jeans at a wedding, ack. For all the pre-wedding photo taking I like to wear my rainbows. Comfort is key while being on my feet all day.

Dress: J.Crew
Flip Flops: Rainbows
Headband: Anthropologie
Camera: Nikon D700

Sorry this is the only pic I had of me during a wedding. I love to shoot in heels although by the end of the night I normally regret it. Oh, and if its an outdoor wedding then flats are a must.

Heels: Seychelles

What I Wore

This was my first official week since my surgery that I have gone out and about with my kiddos all by myself and it was a hit! By nights end I am exhausted, but the pain is minimal. Oh, and yes I realize heels were very much a dumb idea, but after weeks of living in my husbands t shirts I wanted to feel like my girly self.

Shoes and skirt: Target
Top: J.Crew
Tote: Lands End Canvas
Sunglasses: Fred Flare in Tortoise

Ellie actually picked this outfit top to bottom. She was so excited I went along with it.

Top and belt: J.crew
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Banana Republic
Clutch/wallet: Hobo from Rue la la

Movie date with the Mr.

Shoes: Banana Republic
Leggings: J.Crew
Top: Target

What I Wore

Did you happen to know I won this fabulous Rikshaw kurta from one of my favorite blogs? Well, I did and it came in this week! Even though I have still haven't made it out of the house much my new little prize made me want to get dressed. Let's just say I am smitten. Cute and comfortable? YES, please! Oh, and did I happen to mention Rikshaw is having a huge sale. I am thinking this top with a pair of leggings is going to be my new fall uniform and I am pumped.

Rikshaw Blog here.

What I Wore- and Ellie's New Favorite

This will be my last what I wore for the next few weeks. I hear that after this surgery I won't be making it out of bed for a couple of weeks never mind making it out of the house. Oh and for those that are curious it seems my body did not think too kindly to having two babies close together. In short my insides are trying to make there way out so they are going to put them all back where they go. Lovely isn't it? Anyway, back to the outfits at hand...

Oxfords: Steve Madden
Shorts and Top: J.Crew. Oh, and this striped top I bought years ago and somewhat started my stripe obsession. If only you saw my closet you would laugh with all the stripes.
Necklace: Anthropolgie. I am trying to be better with accessories. I thought this piece was a good start.
Sunglasses: T.J. Maxx

Dress: had for years maybe T.J. Maxx
Shoes: Chinese Laundry found at Ross
Necklace: Anthropologie. Love it so much I want to wear it everyday.

top: Gap last year or two ago?
shorts: J.Crew
shoes: Chinese Laundry. It seems I repeated quite a bit this week.
belt: Anthropologie

Now to Ellie's dress. This is Ellie's new favorite dress so much so that she never wants to take it off. She has also claimed it to be her birthday party dress because she looks so pretty in it and really I must agree. Ellie is a hard fit she is very thin but also tall. Most dressed swallow her whole or are too short. This dress fits her perfectly. The key is the way the straps tie, they can be any length you choose. She will be able to wear this dress for years. When she eventually gets too tall a pair of leggings would work and look cute.

The dress is from Hijkids. My new go to shop for extra special pieces that are slightly different from what every other child is wearing. Remember this cute number? Another gorgeous dress from this super cute shop.

What I Wore

Well, this week I spent most my time in running shorts and tee's, but when I did get dressed I was sure Ellie picked sandals. I have knocking off my list of to do's so dressing "up" was not an option especially while painting.

Sandals: so old I can't remember. They are from when gladiator sandals were cool the time before this. So happy they are back, again.
Jeans: Joe's Honey. They are my skinny jeans and I was able to get them back on!
White Top: Anthropologie
Tank: J.Crew
Necklace: Gara Danielle bought off of Gilt
Purse: Old Navy $6.00

Dress: Loomstate bought through Rue La La
Sandals: you have seen them before, they have become my favorites they are by franco sarto.

What I Wore - Shabby Apple Ed.

The sweet people from Shabby Apple were kind enough to send over a dress for a little review. My review? I am in LOVE! No Ellie did not pick the shoes for this dress, but my Mr. told me which looked best. We thought we would make it extra fun so I donned some red lipstick and we did a little shoot. Now Ellie thinks I should wear lipstick everyday, but alas that will not happen since I rarely even wear makeup. Isn't this dress just the sweetest? One of my sisters thought so too and when she tried it on I could tell she felt pretty so it now hangs in her closet. Everyone needs a dress that makes them feel extra special. So a dress that makes you feel pretty and special, now that's a winner. I can't wait to try their fitness line and this swimsuit is just too divine, oh and to order another dress, ha!

What I Wore

Ellie picked the shoes and I based my outfit around them. I think I am going to have to change it up a bit or Ellie is going to have me in heels every day so from here on out I am going to let her pick which sandals or which heels, etc. Then again by the end of the year I could have some killer calves, ha! I also thought I would add where Ellie and KJ got there outfits since so many of you ask.

Going to Church: Shoes are Nine West, dress Dace which I am thinking about selling simply because I do not have the top half to hold it up. Let me know if you are interested.
Ellie: shoes Target, dress from Hijkids and by Cupcakes and Pastries.

Running errands: Shoes are from payless, purse Coach, top from j.Crew, skirt from a little boutique in Mobile, Al.
KJ: Tee from Crewcuts, shoes from Gap, shorts from Target.
Ellie: romper and sandals from Target.

I have had a few of you ask what I would wear if I weren't doing this series, well I am one to wear what I show on a daily basis just with a few more sandals. I like to dress up and a dress is much more comfortable during Alabama hot summers. As for my usual uniform for the rest of the year this is pretty much it, just add a tunic (always long enough to cover any undies lines) and cardigan with boots or oxfords...

shoes are from Bakers last year, legging are J.Crew, and top was bought from Piperlime and is by Sanctuary Clothing, necklace bought from Gilt by Gara Danielle.
Ellie: shoes are Target, top Crewcuts, skirt is Right Bank Babies bought from Hautelook.
KJ: tee Crewcuts and shorts Target.

What I Wore

Ellie picked the shoes and I matched the outfit. Ellie is just having a blast doing it and it makes me not wear the same outfit everyday. Definitely a plus for the husband. I am also thinking having a tripod would make this all a bit easier. Balancing the camera different places does not always make for a straight picture. Neither does having Ellie take the pictures, which she loved, but I am not quite sure the Mr. loved me having our 4 year old hold our pro cameras, ha! We are quite proud of her work though...

Ellie said I didn't have to wear shoes since we weren't leaving the house, but she did pick the top. Both top and bottom from J. Crew.

Ellie picked the fancy shoes as she likes to call them. These were my mother's when she was pregnant with me, I know I know. They are unbelievably comfortable for such a high wedge. Ugh, once again all J.Crew.

Went on a date with one of my best girl friends. We went to go watch/listen to Act of Congress which her husband also happens to be in. They rock. Anyway, shoes bought at Ross about 2 years ago. Dress J.Crew. I love it mainly for the pockets. This dress also happens to be the dress I mainly shoot weddings in. So comfortable yet chic. At least that's what I like to tell myself. Oh, and don't you love the bandage on the toe. Sliced it right before I left. It hurt.

What I Wore

Sandals by Franco Sarto, dress Target

Sandals by Franco Sarto, dress Ross, headband J.Crew

Well, I have only two outfits to share this week. I thought you wouldn't be interested in my husbands tee's that I wore the rest of the week. I have been sick, so very sick. Barely have made it out of bed. Painful aches, nausea, fatigue and headaches kept me company most days. Anyway, Ellie was good to me and picked my new sandals 2 days in a row. Much better than the hooker heels she has been picking every other day. Oh, and did you notice that I wore things other than J.Crew? It happens time from time.

What I Wore

I remember hearing Jenna Lyons in an interview saying she lets her little boy pick out her shoes every morning and she does her outfits around them. I thought this to be an adorable idea and decided to give it a go with Ellie and KJ. The last outfit was all me, we were out of town sans kiddos shooting a wedding but I thought I would share anyway.

Day 1

Out running errands. Top, pants, cardigan all J.Crew. Shoes Payless, belt I have had it so long it may be considered vintage.

Day 2

Working in the garden and I am gross. Top to bottom J.Crew.

Day 3

Running errands with the little man. Shoes converse, tank J. Crew, romper American Eagle (yes, I know I am too old to shop in there this is my only piece mind you).

Day 4

Rehearsal dinner. Dress J. Crew and shoes Nine West.

Day 5

The wedding party ran a 5k first thing in the morning. I took pictures. Top to bottom J. Crew. Belt vintage.

Before I started I thought this could make a fun weekly post, but then I soon realized by the second week all my outfits start looking the same and getting pictures everyday is a pain. Also this is a lot of me on here and well that's just not that interesting. If you all really do care about what I wore then maybe I can an outfit a week or something. I will let you all decide.