Boots + A Room

I have had many request to bring back my 'what I wore' posts. Now that I am dwindling down my wardrobe to only what I LOVE and trying not to shop much for a year, well I am thinking they would get quite boring very fast. Today is different though. I got these fabulous boots and I never want to take them off! They feel like slippers and make the upcoming rainy season a little more exciting. I got them from Monika's new shop Splendid Willow Avenue. Love her and her new shop. She has impeccable taste.  Oh, and yes I am one of those that wears shades when it is dreary and rainy out. Bright natural light hurts my eyes. ha.

and if I were a room I would like to be this one for today. I think we would look smashing together in my little get up...

 boots: Ilse Jacobsen
sweater: J.Crew
leggings: J. Crew
gray tee: Target