What I Wore- and Ellie's New Favorite

This will be my last what I wore for the next few weeks. I hear that after this surgery I won't be making it out of bed for a couple of weeks never mind making it out of the house. Oh and for those that are curious it seems my body did not think too kindly to having two babies close together. In short my insides are trying to make there way out so they are going to put them all back where they go. Lovely isn't it? Anyway, back to the outfits at hand...

Oxfords: Steve Madden
Shorts and Top: J.Crew. Oh, and this striped top I bought years ago and somewhat started my stripe obsession. If only you saw my closet you would laugh with all the stripes.
Necklace: Anthropolgie. I am trying to be better with accessories. I thought this piece was a good start.
Sunglasses: T.J. Maxx

Dress: had for years maybe T.J. Maxx
Shoes: Chinese Laundry found at Ross
Necklace: Anthropologie. Love it so much I want to wear it everyday.

top: Gap last year or two ago?
shorts: J.Crew
shoes: Chinese Laundry. It seems I repeated quite a bit this week.
belt: Anthropologie

Now to Ellie's dress. This is Ellie's new favorite dress so much so that she never wants to take it off. She has also claimed it to be her birthday party dress because she looks so pretty in it and really I must agree. Ellie is a hard fit she is very thin but also tall. Most dressed swallow her whole or are too short. This dress fits her perfectly. The key is the way the straps tie, they can be any length you choose. She will be able to wear this dress for years. When she eventually gets too tall a pair of leggings would work and look cute.

The dress is from Hijkids. My new go to shop for extra special pieces that are slightly different from what every other child is wearing. Remember this cute number? Another gorgeous dress from this super cute shop.