Getting out of my PJ's

Last week I mostly stayed home, simply because KJ was so sick and the Mr's work schedule kept him away and busy. This tends to lend itself to me not wanting to get out of my pj's. As I was about to head out the door to pick up Ellie from school I decided to do the next best thing to pj's and put on my boyfriend jeans. I have had them so long that the holes naturally occurred.

The pink lip thing is new too. My face has been breaking out like crazy and my eyes have been swelling. I am blaming it on the mascara and bad eating habits lately. Lipstick does not affect me though, so that is all I have been wearing. The Mr. likes it.

I thought my outfit could instantly become a little more special with the Coach wedges. Are they not gorgeous? I am also sure the Mr. wouldn't mind me leaving them out if he could have a man office that resembled this. It would add the feminine touch that every room needs.

jacket: J.Crew
top: J.Crew
jeans: AG
shoes: Toms
purse: Cynthia Rowley found at T.J. Maxx
sunglasses: Fred Flare
lipstick: Cover Girl in Darling Cherie

horns: High Street Market
green boxes: Kelley Street Vintage
book shelf: West Elm
chair: Lee Industries
rug: Jayson Home & Garden