What I Wore

Ellie picked the shoes and I based my outfit around them. I think I am going to have to change it up a bit or Ellie is going to have me in heels every day so from here on out I am going to let her pick which sandals or which heels, etc. Then again by the end of the year I could have some killer calves, ha! I also thought I would add where Ellie and KJ got there outfits since so many of you ask.

Going to Church: Shoes are Nine West, dress Dace which I am thinking about selling simply because I do not have the top half to hold it up. Let me know if you are interested.
Ellie: shoes Target, dress from Hijkids and by Cupcakes and Pastries.

Running errands: Shoes are from payless, purse Coach, top from j.Crew, skirt from a little boutique in Mobile, Al.
KJ: Tee from Crewcuts, shoes from Gap, shorts from Target.
Ellie: romper and sandals from Target.

I have had a few of you ask what I would wear if I weren't doing this series, well I am one to wear what I show on a daily basis just with a few more sandals. I like to dress up and a dress is much more comfortable during Alabama hot summers. As for my usual uniform for the rest of the year this is pretty much it, just add a tunic (always long enough to cover any undies lines) and cardigan with boots or oxfords...

shoes are from Bakers last year, legging are J.Crew, and top was bought from Piperlime and is by Sanctuary Clothing, necklace bought from Gilt by Gara Danielle.
Ellie: shoes are Target, top Crewcuts, skirt is Right Bank Babies bought from Hautelook.
KJ: tee Crewcuts and shorts Target.