There are certain colors I seem to gravitate towards. Blue happens to be one of them. I adore every shade and am excited to be working it into my neutral home this year.

The working shutters of the Bodie and Fou french home has me head over heels. There is a local home that is like this, I want to live there, I hope it comes up for sale once we are ready to buy. I simply adore it.

She looks lovely in blue. Love her dark brows and pretty freckles showing through. Now if only I could actually read Les Composantes. Thier images inspire me so. 

{Lonny design by lulu powers}

I am sure you all have already seen this image, but it is one that I can not get enough of. I hope to recreate it one day. So pretty.

This is me, please excuse my awkward arm. The Mr. was testing light for this past weekends wedding and maybe I had an itch? Who knows, but I wanted to share my new favorite shirt. Oh, and a belt would have made this outfit so much cuter, but I forgot it at home.