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I know you all have seen this home throughout blogland, but the first time I saw the full tour was via Flourish Design + Style. By the way Sarah's blog is a daily read of mine. She and I share much of the same style, love that. Anyway, I had to re-post it. I think if we every get to build this will be one of those homes that I show the architect and then I will want to recreate the light and airy feel. There is not a detail I don't love. Oh, and the fabulous photography was done by this brilliant lady who also happens to blog. I love getting to see a few extra photos here. Gorgeous, right? My only wish now is to get my hands on the actual magazine. I love pouring over a good magazine more than the computer screen. It makes it easier for me to study.

{via Style at Home}

Layering Mirrors

Jenny from Little Green Notebook posted this image with the idea of layering mirrors. I was smitten. We currently have the one huge mirror that is in most mass builders homes and I have always been too scared to rip it down. I just adore this option, but I was was not willing to spend very much either. Well, I was in Target the other day and came across two frame less mirrors on clearance for $19.00 a piece. The size and shape are perfect...

Anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to hang them safely now? I would love your thoughts. The mirrors are fairly heavy.

A Kitchen Reno

I am so excited to be able to post this kitchen and dining renovation. This is the home of Eden Lang a fabulous photographer from Canada. She and her mother came up with the kitchen concept and her husband made it happen. What I love is that it's a kitchen made for cooking, but at the same time is extremely family friendly. I adore the clean lines, chalk board door, farm house sink, gorgeous lighting, the floors are delicious, and that huge map, wow! Did you also notice the clipboard leaning up on the counters with the calendar. Well, I did and I am so borrowing this idea to hold Ellie's school calendar. This looks much better than I just leaving ours laying out on the counter. Oh, and to see the complete transformation including before pictures you must go here. Trust me you will be in awe. I want to move in, really.

Thank you Eden for letting me share your gorgeous renovation.

Eden Lang Blog
Eden Lang Photography

A Victorian Cottage

Style at Home editor Erin McLaughlin made this gorgeous cottage into her own after a gut renovation. Although I shy away from bold colors I love how her pieces look in otherwise neutral spaces. I would welcome the sofa with open arms. The use of art adds such a personal touch that I just adore. Most people would have used the kitchen nook as a place to dine, but I love how she made it an area to relax. We currently did this in our own home and it works perfectly for us. Well, I am sure I could use the word "love" again and again for this space so I will just stop while I am ahead.

Style at Home

A Cottage: Before & After

I grew up in Massachusetts and as a little girl visiting Nantucket gave me such fond memories. This 1920's Nantucket cottage was returned to what it once was by Jeffrey Bilhuber. Although the outside of this cottage looks quite idyllic the inside was worse for ware. Mr. Bilhuber bought the property without first taking a look inside, well can you say buyers remorse, but of course being the great designer he is he was able to make this place into a show stopper. Of course I could dissect every picture into what I enjoy, but I think I will just let you all enjoy.

{via Architectural Digest}

I am swooning

If you have been reading my little blog, you know by now my infatuation with real estate. Every time I find a home redone there is always little tweaks I would make or redo completely. I then came across this home, whoever did it did it to perfection. Every image makes my heart jump with enjoyment. Too bad the price tag is too high for me, it usual is. My taste does seem to run a bit high unfortunately, atleast for a stay at home mom married to a pastor who enjoys dabbling in photography. Don't get me wrong I love my home and where we are in life, but I do like to dream on occasion.

project: kitchen

This kitchen was some what of an inspiration for the following kitchen redesign. I love the dark cabinets, the shelving, and the simplicity of it all. If you can remember I earlier posted on how my friends kitchen will be opening up to their dining and living rooms. Creating a large entertaining area, in their once smaller spaces. Currently there is a door way to the hall and a door way to the dining area, the walls in between will be taken down and a n L-shaped island will be added in it's place. I know this would be where pics of their home would be helpful. Anyway, I would love to see all the lower and island cabinets painted Link Gray by Sherwin Williams (it's a green/deep gray). I would then love for all the top cabinets to be gone and two shelves put in there place painted the same color. I know this too may not be realistic, so how about the upper cabinets being painted a lighter shade possibly Sensible Hue or Aloof Gray also by Sherwin Williams.

I know the counter top came out small, but I do hope you get the idea. I think a white with gray would work great and lighten up the space a bit while still tying in the cabinet color.
They want all stainless steel appliances and I think this range hood would be amazing. Oh, and if you did go with the shelving dear friends that would leave more money for some great appliances.
I have always loved the look of this faucet. I would lose the soap dispenser though. Okay, I will have to admit that I have had this faucet in the last two homes hubby and I have owned, purchased off of eBay for dramatically less.

This is where you either love it or hate it. I of course love it! The handles for the drawers and the knobs for the cabinets in antique brass would pop off ever so nicely off the dark cabinets. That little pendent would hang over the kitchen sink. I have a feeling I have lost you, so a oil-rubbed bronze handles and knobs would be nice too, but I still do like that pendent.

As for where the appliance currently stand I would leave it. That would keep costs down, but I would add a dishwasher on the left side of your sink if one will fit. I am sorry and I should have measured first. That would leave the island completely open and can be used as a buffet when entertaining. Also you could consider making a regular rectangle of an island instead of the L-shape. It would make the kitchen appear to be larger, just a thought. Oh I almost forgot, a slate gray floor would be ever so pretty, I mean masculine, oh whatever.

This brings this home project to an end. If they decide to go with any of my ideas I will definitely post before and after pics. I know the kitchen won't be for awhile, but they do want to start with the rest of the home, so I guess we will have to wait and see. Either way I am sure that I will be helping with some of the labor. They are really great friends. Luckily for me I have another friend who needs help with their home, so I will be starting that soon too. Maybe this time I will refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. F.

project: bath

My friend wants to get rid of all the blue fixtures in the bath. Including and not limiting it to the tub, sink, and toilet. The friend and I also discussed how she loves the idea of a full tile bath room. I love the idea and love the idea of using all white subway tile, but I am also realistic and know that for it to look good it needs to always be clean. This may not be my friends strongest attribute, so I propose a colored tile. The first is a clear glass tile that is just stunning. The second is a ceramic tile that is also stunning. Both would make the bathroom extra special. As for expense this may get high and in order to cut costs I would go with the following idea...

get rid of the tub all together. Yes, I said it and what would take it's place would be a full luxury standing room only shower. Okay, maybe you could add a seat if you would like. The cheapest route would be to add one of those pre-made ones, but my favorite idea would be to add a clear, frameless, glass door and tile the whole tub with the above tiles and paint the rest of the room white in satin so it would be easy to keep clean.

Yes, those are jets!

I am loving this sink and stand combo. The dimensions are small, but still with storage which makes it great for your bath.

Isn't this faucet so pretty?

This light hanging over a simple mirror would bring the look together nicely.

Oh, I would be sure to add a white toilet, but I believe that needs to be a personal choice. As for the flooring I would go with a lighter tile, whether gray or beige.

project: office

The office in my friends home currently has a door to their carport, eventually they want to add on a master suite by enclosing the carport. This means the office will become a walk through. The walls are wood paneling, not the fake stuff, but real beautiful wood paneling. Her hubby hates it, but I really want him to reconsider and keep it, at least for awhile. The wood is dark, but not super dark so it doesn't really close in the space. The armoire from the living room will probably make it's way in and also a slipper chair that has a simple red and brown leaf pattern. In the room there are built in book shelves. Placing the chair next shelves would make a cozy reading nook.

I would like to see a white drum table right next to the chair. I know this will not be hard to find locally. I did see two on clearance at Home Goods awhile back for only $16 each, I am still kicking myself for letting that one go.

This desk...

or this desk...

in white would be nice. The first is much cheaper and extends for more working space. As for the second, I have always just wanted it, the lines are so clean and simple.

I really like this drum pendant light hung right in the middle of the room. Sorry for the small photo, I could not get it to load any larger.

For a quirky touch I would definitely want some fake antlers up. With the wood paneling it would just be so much fun and of course manly.

Dear friend: all the above would just be the starting points and personal items can be added to make it his. So, I am begging you, please keep the paneling. Not painting it would save you money and time, wouldn't that be lovely.

project: hall

I would love to see this or similar mirror hanging at the end of their hall. The hallway is a decent size for their home, but is quite dark. A mirror like this would easily reflect the light and make the space more welcoming. Again the wall would be painted the same color. I would also love to see all the trim and interior doors painted a few shades darker than the color they choose. Currently there is the fake wood paneling lining the lower half of the wall. The easiest option would be to paint it out the same color as the trim. I know it would look quite lovely. There is enough room for a narrow console table, but for now I recommend keeping the hall clear.

project: guest room

Currently in my lovely friend's guest room is a dresser, end table, and full size bed all in dark wood. The lines are great and have a classic feel. Their family live out of town so they want a special space for family and friends that come to visit. My friend's look is very anthropologie home. I thought I would go all out in this room and give her that feel.

I would love to see this wallpaper hanging on the wall behind the bed. I would then paint the walls that same creamy color.

Any one of these pillows would be so pretty upon a white duvet cover with blue sheets.

I could whip this fabric into lovely curtains.

They currently have a mirror over the dresser. I would like to see the frame painted yellow. A few personal items and candlesticks in that orange or green would round out the room and make it ready for guests. As a side note my friend did mention painting that furniture. It does not need it, but it would look pretty in a medium gray tone. It really would depend on the amount of extra work the hubby is willing to do.

This weekend I will be working on kitchen, bath, and office ideas. We also have a few photo shoots, so we'll be busy. I hope you have a relaxing and great weekend!

project: dining room

Currently in my sweet friends home is a large, square, wooden pub style table and 8 chairs in the dining area. Eventually this space will be opened up to the kitchen, but for now it is some what of a separate area with a door to the kitchen and a large opening connecting it to the living room. There is not too much to be done in this room except add some style and character. The room will be painted the same color as the rest of the main areas. I recommend the same white curtains and shades to keep the flow smooth throughout. I am also thinking it may be fun to add a band of green length wise to spruce them up a bit. Now for the new additions...

Say hello to the new chandelier. Isn't she lovely. I love how the smoke color makes the piece slightly less feminine. This will definitely be the statement piece. This beats the current ceiling fan for sure.
As you look through the large opening from the living room there is one center window and wall space on either side. I would like to hang two of these shelves on each side. On them I would display a few things they love and lean a pic or two from their recent photo shoot. Be sure to check it out, they look beyond amazing!

This is not exactly a necessity, but recovering the dining chairs in this would be superb. The plaid would add a bit of masculine flavor to the chandelier. A toned down dose of whimsy would you say? This would also be an easy change, as tastes do change with time.

Update: Just so you know my dear friend loved the living room ideas. The hubby of course mentioned budget and I assure him I am on it. I love finding great deals and I am not one to shy away from many flea mall trips and yard sales to balance out the higher ticket items like the lamp. Unfortunately the armoire is part of a set that is in their bedroom so when they do add on the master suite one day they would like it to go back into the room. I am sure though a simple small replacement can easily be found and the armoire can easily be shifted into the office. She also wants to add another fun chair for extra seating. I am sure we can work it in somewhere.

project: living room

I thought I would start this series of blog posts with the living room of my friends home simply because it is the first room you see when you walk in the door. They currently have a sofa and love seat in brown leather, a darker wood tv armoire, and that is about it. She wants people to feel at home when they come in the door, wants a touch of whimsy and glam, but not too much because of the hubby, and really just wants something that suits them and their two dogs. Not too much for me to go on, but here's a go.

I will start with the paint color that will go throughout the main living areas. I wanted to keep it light since the home in small and the furniture is so dark. I also love the idea of painting wall and ceilings the same color. I still haven't held these up in their home, so it may change. These are the three options thus far...
1. snowbound (very white)
2. natural choice (slightly more beige)
3. incredible white (slightly more gray)
all by Sherwin Williams.

They hope to buy a flat panel tv, but until then I recommend painting their existing armoire white to visually open up the space more and add that glam factor. Theirs look very similar to this one only half the size.

I too would add the pottery above. I would use not only white, but possibly blues, greens, and orange. I am sure with enough Home Good trips this can be done on the cheap. She also shares my love for birds. I think this piece would ad the whimsy she's looking for.
The room does not have any over head lighting so lamps are a must. I love the green to add a pop of color and the arc will give the illusion of over head lighting without taking up space as multiple table lamps would. (I would put this on the left side closest to the dining area allowing it hang over the sofa.)

lamps found via cb2

The coffee table needs to be incredibly narrow to keep the flow smooth when they have guests. First I liked the idea of a glass top simply because it will not look heavy in the room. So far I have not been able to find one narrow enough. I then thought of a long bench. I found this one at pottery barn, but one could be easily made or even found at a flea mall for a cheaper option.

I would also recommend having white curtains like these hung with dark rods. I would hang them high to add visual height. This would also balance out the white armoire on the opposite wall. I would also add simple roller shades to the windows to keep some privacy without having to leave the curtains shut continually. It is also simple to mount them upside down and leave the top part of the windows exposed if they feel they would want privacy all time. I have done it here in my home.

So far I know it seems like a lot of white, but the accessories will bring in the color and dark furniture + dark floors need some lighting up. They also currently have two large pieces of art that have trees and color. Hanging side by side over the love seat would be lovely. Another end table, hopefully a thrift find, to go on the left of the love seat with the lamp that currently in the guest room, with a new shade of course, would round it out.

My dear friend I hope you like the angle I am going for. Let me know if I am heading in the right direction before I continue with the other rooms. If not I will try again and you will have to give me more to go on.

(This makes me sad go here.

a new project

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to help a friend pick out paint colors for their new home. Well, their home is an older, tiny cottage that will eventually need more than paint. They are planning to open the kitchen up to the living/dining area, redo the kitchen, redo the bath, and still have tons of other basic updating to do. As we got to talking and trying to figure out my sweet friends style, she had the idea of me just coming up with ideas that may suit them as a couple. We went to some local stores to see what she gravitated to and she loved a bit a glam, but at the same time still loves their new and existing brown leather couches and dark wood dinner table. I believe it will be easy and fun to combine the two styles and help give them a grown up space that they will love. Anyway, what I m trying to get to, is that I will be tackling each of their rooms individually with blog posts and hopefully it will help them figure out exactly what they want. I do love a good challenge. Here is just a teaser...a ceiling fan just does not work in a dining area, but I believe this would.

Also, I would love for you to stop by The Red Otter. The lovely Julia has a series of self portraits done by other blogger's and today it's me! I am very excited and feel very privileged to have been able to participate. Julia has amazing taste and her blog is just stunning. Did I happen to mention that I am excited?