project: office

The office in my friends home currently has a door to their carport, eventually they want to add on a master suite by enclosing the carport. This means the office will become a walk through. The walls are wood paneling, not the fake stuff, but real beautiful wood paneling. Her hubby hates it, but I really want him to reconsider and keep it, at least for awhile. The wood is dark, but not super dark so it doesn't really close in the space. The armoire from the living room will probably make it's way in and also a slipper chair that has a simple red and brown leaf pattern. In the room there are built in book shelves. Placing the chair next shelves would make a cozy reading nook.

I would like to see a white drum table right next to the chair. I know this will not be hard to find locally. I did see two on clearance at Home Goods awhile back for only $16 each, I am still kicking myself for letting that one go.

This desk...

or this desk...

in white would be nice. The first is much cheaper and extends for more working space. As for the second, I have always just wanted it, the lines are so clean and simple.

I really like this drum pendant light hung right in the middle of the room. Sorry for the small photo, I could not get it to load any larger.

For a quirky touch I would definitely want some fake antlers up. With the wood paneling it would just be so much fun and of course manly.

Dear friend: all the above would just be the starting points and personal items can be added to make it his. So, I am begging you, please keep the paneling. Not painting it would save you money and time, wouldn't that be lovely.