Kitchen Obsessed

During my local real estate stalking I came across a home that I have been in love with for quite some time and the price dropped... again. Oh happy day! Well, happy day for someone who is the position to move. The reason I loved it so much was because of this kitchen...

Which happens to remind me of this kitchen from one of my favorite  homes  that was featured in Cottage Living years ago. It also happens to be for sale in the area.

You can see the rest of this storybook cottage over on Mrs. French today. Do you think a house is to much to ask for for Christmas? Just a thought.

A Charmer

Another local real estate beauty going for $529,900. The choices of fabric, art, antiques, and style all lend itself to such great design. The bedrooms may be my favorite part. Each one puts such a smile to my face. The built-ins are fantastic and a seagrass rug is always perfection in my opinion. I even love the slipcovers on the outdoor chairs. This also makes me think this home was decorated by a pro, no detail over looked.

*as always if you interested in this home email me I will get you in touch with the listing agent.

A Local Mid Century Modern

Sometimes I think I have design ADD. I have a deep love for a cottage style home and featured them many times before, but every once in awhile I think I could do something completely different. I honestly think I could even do a mid century modern. This one is local and going for $450,000. What I love are the clean lines, the incredible space to entertain outdoors, the wall of glass, and of course the dressing room. Although I would like to decorate it like this, now that would make it gorgeous.

Do you know your style 100% or can you at times do something completely different?


I came across this home on our local real estate listings and was thinking whoever bought this home could really make it gorgeous. The more I looked at the home though the more I felt as if I recognized it. Um, could this be the same home I blogged about when I first started blogging in 2008? Why, I believe it is and I have no idea what happened to it. It was stunning, so stunning I blogged about it again. First it was going for about a $1.4 million, then just under a million, today it is going for $500,000 but needs to be finished. I am baffled. I would love to see it finished... again. I wanted it then and would still love to have it today. Oh, and sorry for the awful photos on my 2008 posts that was before I knew anything about the blogging world.

Cottage Living

Do you all happen to remember Lindsay Bierman's kitchen from the January/ February 2008 Cottage Living issue {second image}? Well I do and came across it again while doing my weekly real estate browsing. I know I am a complete nut, but then again at least I share my nuttiness with all of you right? It is one of my favorite kitchens and seems to have stayed mostly the same except for recovering the settee and maybe an art change. Still adore it and the rest of the home.

Remember I am always happy to put you in touch with the listing agent if you want more info. I will not in any way send out the actual listing and therefore will not share location. Thanks for understanding.

Well Done

I grew up in Massachusetts and can remember so many of this type home lining the streets. You can say I am quite parcel to the cedar shingles and simple facade. I was not expecting much when I clicked on this home in our local real estate listings, but I was rather mistaken. It is quite stunning and feels rather special. The shower with the the doors that open out are now in my one day file. I dream of having an outdoor shower, but living in AL makes it not quite practical. This is truly the best of both worlds. This home is going for $569,000 and is listed as new construction. They most definitely have me fooled or it's a mistake. Either way I am in love and will be doing a drive by today.

As always if you are interested in this home I will be more than happy to get you in touch with the agent.


I always say I like a smaller house, but this one could just change my mind. A historic home filled with charm. Not sure which I love more the entry way ceiling or the worn painted floors. White marble, gorgeous lighting, and a porch that acts as a room all on its own makes this home right up my alley. Oh, and let's not forget to mention the beauty of the decorating, modern mixed with traditional is so me.

This home is listed at $619,000 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath... want more info email me and I will be more than happy to give you the listing.

The Donnely House

This Is where Kellen and I got married 6 years ago. It seems it is now in foreclosure and if I had an extra $950,000 plus some to make an actual kitchen and furnish the place I would so want to buy it. I could imagine both Ellie and KJ getting married in the same place we did, wouldn't that be a dream. The previous owner rented it out for events and was rather a pain to work with but this place exuded southern charm.

A Spanish Abode

I am sure you can tell by now I like many different styles. More than the style I simply appreciate good design. A Spanish abode is no different. I love the use of gorgeous tiles, architectural details, a pretty courtyard, and weathered woods. It also doesn't hurt that this home is beautifully decorated.

This home is a Forest Park local listing that has since expired. Asking price was $1,149,000.

Modern Living

As you know I love a cottage, but every once in awhile I think going completely modern would be quite fabulous. Of course, modern must be done right and it comes with a hefty price tag. This home is done right. Gorgeous isn't it? Nice clean lined furniture and great art are a must. I think most people's main concern with going modern is where do you put your stuff. Well, I like the idea of being minimal and besides who needs toys when you can ride your bike in doors and play in the pool daily. I think the homebody in me would love my own compound. Now just to come up with a mere $799,900.

Could you be this minimal and go modern?

*As always you may email me for the listing if interested.

A Local Cottage

This home is another local real estate find. For the actual locals it's in Homewood. I feel like this home must belong to someone who loves design, maybe a young designer or a wanna be like me? All the lighting quickly grabs my attentions. I wouldn't mind a close up of the dining room chandelier and sconces. For me lighting is so important. It can definitely make or break a room. I also love how clutter free each space is which in turn helps all the stunning antique pieces stand out, of course this could have been done for staging purposes but I doubt it with all the attention to detail this home possesses.

Want more info on this home? I will be more than happy to send out the listing agents info.


I know I browse the real estate listings a little too much, but what can I say, I enjoy it. What caught my eye the instant I saw this home is the symmetry of it all. The home's facade and the garden seem so serene and orderly. Two things I always crave. After seeing such a gorgeous outside I always expect to be let down a bit with the interior, but this one has no disappointments. The gorgeous lighting and color palette are perfection. That kitchen ceiling, wow. The mirror hanging in the bath is truly stunning. The kids rooms also are simple and livable, but still quite lovely. Oh, and don't even get me started on the armoire in the top of the stairs den.

As always if you are in the market for a home and this one strikes your fancy be sure to email me and I will get you in touch with the listing agent.

Garden Inspiration


This past weekend I finally watched It's Complicated and I fell head over heels so much so that I watched it twice. The home was stunning but what had me most in awe was the garden. It is simply my dream garden. I am quite proud of what I have done in our yard so far, but I would love to add more. My home's yard is not quite as grand (or even close) as the one in It's Complicated, but this one is quite similar only on a smaller scale. It has me swooning. Any gardeners out there now how much something like this (backyard only) would run me? I am assuming it would be more than our home is worth, ha! This gorgeous home is owned by Troy Rhone of Troy Rhone Garden Design. The home is up for sale, but again out of our price range for just under $390,000. Did I mention how much I love this garden?

Traditional with a Twist

This stunning home I found while browsing our local real estate listings. The decor is quite traditional, but with the muted tones it feels quite fresh and young. The lack of clutter helps too. I would say this fits my style to a tee. So much so I would be more than happy to move right in without changing a thing, love that.

A Cottage Kitchen

I posted this home when it was recently up for sale in my area. I was beyond excited when I started flipping through the March issue of Southern Living and found the same kitchen featured. The home is owned or was owned by the features editor Jessica Thuston. She really created a kitchen of my dreams. Yes, it's small, but I prefer small. Oh, and seeing another view of the dining room has me wanting a table just like that to paint. This issue is definitely worth picking up if you don't already have it. There hasn't been a day that has gone by that haven't picked up since receiving it in the mail.

{scanned from March issue of Southern Living}

A Cottage with a View

I adore this beach home in Oregon. Recently sold for a mere 1.5 mil, ha. I wouldn't mind rolling out of bed and have a warm cup of tea while taking in the breathtaking views. I am a cottage kind of girl and this one would fit me to a tee.

{via here}

Thank you to Deb of Deb & Air for the award of being one of the 10 bloggers that brighten her day. I feel special.

Flat Living

I am a huge fan of having a yard, but if we had the money to own a flat like this then I would be more than happy to call this place home. Besides I am sure the kiddos would love to play on the swings on this roof top terrace. Of course this isn't any old loft, this is a 2 story penthouse designed by the owner/designer. I really wish the listing said who the designer was. The wall of shelves and that kitchen oh my.

{listing found here}

For Sale

I love to browse real estate especially real estate that I can not afford, maybe it's the dreamer in me. Anyway I came across this home in Rosemary Beach real estate. It is owned by the woman of South of the Market and it was featured in Coastal Living some time last year. I love getting to see more of this gorgeous beach home and if any of you have an extra 5 million lying around then yes I would love to visit anytime. Oh, and it does come furnished which makes me giddy.