project: dining room

Currently in my sweet friends home is a large, square, wooden pub style table and 8 chairs in the dining area. Eventually this space will be opened up to the kitchen, but for now it is some what of a separate area with a door to the kitchen and a large opening connecting it to the living room. There is not too much to be done in this room except add some style and character. The room will be painted the same color as the rest of the main areas. I recommend the same white curtains and shades to keep the flow smooth throughout. I am also thinking it may be fun to add a band of green length wise to spruce them up a bit. Now for the new additions...

Say hello to the new chandelier. Isn't she lovely. I love how the smoke color makes the piece slightly less feminine. This will definitely be the statement piece. This beats the current ceiling fan for sure.
As you look through the large opening from the living room there is one center window and wall space on either side. I would like to hang two of these shelves on each side. On them I would display a few things they love and lean a pic or two from their recent photo shoot. Be sure to check it out, they look beyond amazing!

This is not exactly a necessity, but recovering the dining chairs in this would be superb. The plaid would add a bit of masculine flavor to the chandelier. A toned down dose of whimsy would you say? This would also be an easy change, as tastes do change with time.

Update: Just so you know my dear friend loved the living room ideas. The hubby of course mentioned budget and I assure him I am on it. I love finding great deals and I am not one to shy away from many flea mall trips and yard sales to balance out the higher ticket items like the lamp. Unfortunately the armoire is part of a set that is in their bedroom so when they do add on the master suite one day they would like it to go back into the room. I am sure though a simple small replacement can easily be found and the armoire can easily be shifted into the office. She also wants to add another fun chair for extra seating. I am sure we can work it in somewhere.