Being Practical

I had a reader ask for some kid friendly breakfast/dining spaces ideas, aka something my child can't ruin within 5 minutes. Here are a few spaces I have saved in my own inspiration folder...

What I love is the gallery wall. It can easily be mixed up with adding your own child's art work. What child and parent wouldn't love that? I also love the easily cleanable chairs in a fun color. The chairs within the otherwise neutral palette makes it all not so overwhelming.

{via Elle Decor}

I love the magic of paint. Find any craigs list, yard sale, or flea market table and chairs and just add paint. I love how they used all different chair styles, but easily made them unite with a coat of black paint.

{via Decor Pad}

Hello chalkboard! This is either a love it or hate it thing, but I personally love it. I also love the oversize lighting and the simple seating. This space is great example of modern mixed with traditional.

This space definitely packs the punch, but again it does not feel overwhelming. I could definitely see getting a lot of use out of the dining area.

Well, I hope this helps a bit. Being kid friendly doesn't have to sacrifice on style. And for those who like a bit of a padded seat, using outdoor fabric is always an option. I plan on doing this in my own dining room, now just to make an appointment with the upholsterer. Hope our weekly small group/dinner group won't mind be seat less for a couple of weeks, yikes.