The Estate of Things

As I waded through the house of someone unknown to me I felt a story unfold that I had not been told. It was a story of a couple that loved to travel, a possible AD man or photographer, they were collectors of art and fine rugs. I could see that this was their retirement home, but as I saw every mid-century modern piece and a hand stitched quilt for every season I knew that their first home must have been something special. A badminton set with enough gear to host quite the party was forgotten in the basement corner. Unframed portraits that were so beautiful that words can not describe. As soon as I saw this rug that most ignored I knew it was just the piece that I was wanting for our very own home. I am sure they bought it on their travels or so my version of the story goes. They found it worthy to be a piece to bring to their retirement home, to the home they would one day pass on in. It was a value to them whether it was bought for a special memory or a piece they just appreciated. I am grateful for it now to live in our home where the kiddos will pass upon it dozens of times a day. It will now rest here and we will be able to build upon the memories that this rug had started.

Can't find one locally... this shop is a current favorite.