I pray for her to live a life full of bravery and to live it fully unashamed. I pray, plead really, to God that this can be her path. I care very little about who or what she becomes in her future self. What I do want is for to not be afraid to fail, to not be afraid to exceed, for her to always reach for the furthest star. I desire her to always be comfortable in her own skin. To not seek approval from others. To be exactly who God created her to be. This takes great bravery in a world that likes to tell you beauty is most important, you must get into the best college, you must excel in every sport. Her best will always be enough for me. 

I pray for him to lead with love and humility. He is a natural leader. He can find every child and adult in a one block radius and quickly know every name. I also know with such a gift that pride can follow as he gets older. It is easy for him to excel in every sport, it is easy for him to make friends, it is easy for him to believe he can do anything. I love this about him. It may be my favorite part as I too wish I was made this way. The way in which you don't second guess yourself ALL THE TIME. I pray loudly that he will forever lead well, but to always remember to include everyone and love everyone well. That he will not lead to the point where he will leave people behind in his wake, but reach down every time someone falls behind.

Both Ellie and KJ are such opposites. She's quite, calculated, and loves to please others. He is wild, loud, and always up for an adventure. Together they make the best team. Ellie brings a gentle spirit to him and KJ brings excitement to hers. They are not always the best of friends, but those moments that I get a glimpse of the team that they will be as they grow together brings joy like no other. Even on the days I have to remind them that they are actually friends.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

* the kiddos new snorkel kits may have been the best investment ever.