The Kitchen as it Stands Today

Oh the kitchen. The kitchen that began here. I am quickly seeing that this will be the space that will continually evolve until we re-do it all together. Most upgrades will be on a tight budget, but the more I tweak it with little details the more I like it and the more I think we can live it as is. Well for awhile that is. The cabinets have seen better days, but the new coat of paint has done wonders.

I hung my favorite cow print which made the space feel more like home. The rug doesn't hurt either. I added new copper pulls to match the existing copper hardware. This was a cheap fix, under $3 a pull, and gave the cabinets more of a masculine feel. Plus I love how it unites the kitchen with the dining room.

This view is from the dining room doorway. The dark cabinets even make the 1950's laminate counters look better {well from a distance, the swirls are still there}. We did toy around with changing to ikea butcher block, but that may still be more that we want to spend on a kitchen that we know we will not be keeping.

Between the refrigerator and left wall we are planning to add open shelving. I will move our cups and some plates there in the hopes of opening up the built-ins some for more pantry space and to get some things off of the counters. Can you see the sink shining once again? Still giddy I was about to restore it after the mess we made with the first round of renovation.

As you can see I didn't finish painting the other side. I wanted to live with it for a bit since that piece will stay once we re-do the kitchen. I jump between using the same alabaster wall color to blend it in or going dark like the cabinets {Railings by Farrow & Ball color matched by Sherwin Williams}. Today my gut says go dark. I will also be changing the pulls to the copper cups as you can see how feminine they currently are which just doesn't fit into our overall esthetic.

Now what you can't see in the pictures is that our fridge leaks daily, the dishwasher cover warped so badly while we were out of town that I had to super glue it, the cabinets have been worked hard with in the U, and the said leak is causing the floor to pop. The latter we aren't too heart broken about though to be honest. All this to say that our Black Friday new appliance buying was moved to Memorial Day sales appliance buying! Tomorrow I am expecting all new appliance and I am giddy!!! This will also lead to again changing a few things.


The slide-in range will be much smaller so we will have to add a bookshelf or new cabinet {which we have downstairs} to the left of it.

We will be able to take down the last of the glass panel behind the current range. This will open up the sight lines even more and give us a flat surface all the way around. We will add some sort of lip so little hands can not reach up and get burned.

We may just go ahead and take up the floor. We will have to do a cheap alternative as our next kitchen floor plan may change a tad. We are wanting to continue the hardwoods into here as of now.


Can I tell you how hard it is to not just go ahead and make all the changes at once. We already have cabinets that were gifted to us in the basement that just need a new coat of paint. They came out of a kitchen that was being re-done, but that are stunning and still in wonderful shape. Why won't we just bite the bullet then? As I ask myself the same question I know when we bought this house we did not want to go in debt over it. We have spent our whole marriage debt free {besides an occasional car and mortgage}. We lived way below our means during different seasons of life. We had one car for years and even then it didn't always want to run. We still do a version of Dave Ramsey even when I started bringing in money. We pay cash for all our vacations as they are a value to us and we budget them in. As I write this as a reminder to myself on why we can't do the kitchen now I do know that once we can fit into the budget new floors, counters, and any other unexpected expense it will be all the sweeter knowing it is paid for. Right?