Custom Slipcover for an Old Friend {the process}

This is our Restoration Hardware sofa. It has seen better days. Although I love the lines of the sofa it has not held up the way the price tag should suggest. Thankfully the people at Comfort Works agreed! They so kindly offered to make a custom slipcover for this sad sofa and I could not be any more excited. The company completely intrigues me. They make replacement slipcovers for Ikea furniture and Pottery Barn sofas. They also have a custom option hence my RH sofa. The process has been easy...

First I choose some fabric samples that I thought could work in our space. For a split second I thought I may be daring and go blue, but my sensible not so daring side won out and we went with Gaia Charcoal {second row, second to the left}. This sofa sits in the family room, but it also sits next to the sliding doors that lead to the backyard so I wanted something durable. Really durable. I also loved the tight weave that I hope will stop the feathers from popping through EVERY time we sit on this sofa.

Next I sent them photos of the sofa and they added where to take the measurements {green lines}. With the Mr's help it only took us about 15 minutes to fill in all the blanks. I could have chosen a new style for the slipcover, but I rather like the relaxed look of this one.

In a couple of months this little sofa will have new life. A place to sit and read, watch a good movie, or just sit in front of the fire once winter comes around again. It once served us as a place for guests to sleep, where I spent months recovering from my burn, and where countless hours of family time occurred. So grateful she will be back to her old self where this new house will hold new stories for years to come.

*SPONSORED POST: slipcover is a gift from Comfort Works in turn for a review. Of course you all know I only feature products that I adore and/or am excited about while making this house a home.