living room {it's making progress}

Our living room which also happens to be the room we live in most has been the hardest to decorate. Partly due to funds needing to go elsewhere and partly due to the fact I could not get a vision for it.  In our last home we worked with more sepia tones, but I wasn't loving it here. It needed more black and gray without going overboard in this mid-century house. The other trick was to make the space feel clean and clutter free even though we have an obscene amount of built ins. Don't get me wrong I adore them, but the room can easily feel too busy especially with the wall of windows which I want to keep as the focal point. Anyhow, this is where it is today and it's starting to feel better to me. This is the second rug I tried and I love it. Light enough to brighten up the space yet with enough texture to hide dirt. It also brought in the grays I was looking for, but in a subtle way. The price was rather good too. I hung art we had from our other house and I am eager to replace our New York photo with an even bigger one. Have you all tried Simply Framed? I'm thinking of going that route once funds allow. I went down to only one lamp and may trade it out with this one. It's on back order so I will have to wait and see. The pillows on the wicker chairs have just the right amount of texture without feeling too busy. I had one on our bed already and bought a second for out here. I like how they work with the rug. The mirror still needs to be hung and now that we are in our permanent home I am going to transplant the fiddle fig so it can hopefully become huge. Give me a couple more months and I am sure this space will evolve some more.

pillows | sofa | rug | wooden planters | marble and wood bookend | brass frame that still needs photo | baskets in bookcasemirror | end tables | black and white abstract | silver bowl | leather poufs {similar} | New York print