Getting Answers

The last few days I have woken before my alarm and without an ache that makes my eyes want to shut again. I am praying I am finally on the rode to recover after a few years of feeling progressively worse and worse. Part of me thought it was getting older, having young kids, maybe the combination, but last year I knew something was wrong when my body hurt so bad it was hard to walk and the fatigue was so strong I could spend all day in bed. My digestive tract operated at a snails pace, I would forget the most simplest of things, and my lungs hurt continually. Last fall I began seeing a Dr who said I had fibromyalgia and depression. Fibromyalgia, maybe? Depression, no. I have walked through a season of depression and I knew this was not that.  He insisted and even laughed when I told him that was not it. He refused to do other testing until I took depression medication that should also help my so called fibromyalgia. I did in desperation. I got sicker. Like could no longer function sicker. He refused to listen and I walked away. The beginning of this year I was accepted in to an integrative practice that is in high demand locally and rarely has openings. She is part Dr and practices holistic remedies. First day in and she took every possible test imaginable. This brought me comfort. Once all the tests were back in she found an overgrowth of candida. Like EVERYWHERE. Some candida is good and mine simply was taking over causing my body to shut down. I am taking a good amount of supplements and Nystain to ward off the yeast. My diet is minimal. Kind of like paleo on steroids. Basically we are trying to starve the yeast and in turn me too. ha. I kid. It will also help build back my gut health. I am also being treated for Wilson's Syndrome. It's when your body temperature sits at a low rate. Mine on average is between 96.5 and 97 and can sometimes dip to 96 degrees. I am now taking a timed release of T-3 to try to get my body temp up to 98. She also found that I am allergic to eggs. Who knew. So happy my paleo loving self ate them in multitude daily. Will this be my cure all to get my body and life back? Time will tell, but at least I feel like I am moving forward with some real answers.

*I start my day with this candida detox juice by Elana's Pantry. I use only two big cumbers and always forget to add the ginger. I use my vitamix and remove the skins. I make two mason jars at a time and save one for the next morning or a mid-day push.

* This book is still a fave for all things gut health.