I've been so excited to share our new adventure with you all! We bought a house not too far from our current rental. The kids get to stay in the same school which is huge for us. The house was built like a rock in 1948. We will be the third owners. It has had little done besides paint over the years and the one powder bathroom. It hit every item on our "dream" home list which I will share later. My favorite part is that it is quirky. As you can see from the back it is built in an L shape. Can't wait to get some twinkle lights up! As you walk in the front door {not shown} you come to the main living room and dining room. They both get ample amounts of sunlight which was on our priority list. You can see where rugs have been in the same spot for years and where furniture was painted around. The back of the dining room has/had an accordion door that leads to the den/kitchen area. Which I will share in the next post. The front door has the funnest ripple glass I ever did see. I am sure there are tons of people that would want to do away with it, but it's one of the quirks I love. The home is very mid-century modern ranch. My favorite. The long hall leads to the back of the house where the bedrooms are. This is also where the updated powder room is. It's also the one bathroom I feel needs updating right away. Funny how that works. If you follow me on instagram you have been able to see some of the immediate updates we have been doing. Of course I will share it all here too. We have a 5 year renovating plan. So excited step one is almost done!