This is the back of our house that leads to the backyard. It houses a den, guest room, areas that I'm not sure what they are and the kitchen. In the first image you can see the accordion door that leads to the dining room. This part of the house was so dark and gloomy. It's also the one area we really tackled before moving in and it is being transformed into a space we love. The nook behind the fireplace is becoming a sort of mud room. The pink room is plumbed for a bath which we don't need as of yet and we really can't fit into the budget, but I still have big ideas for this space. It connects to a guest room which I forgot to add here. The kitchen is going through a mild remodel until we have the funds and design plan laid out for a major overhaul. This is last on our list though. You can see the backside of the glass wall that is near the front door. The little nook is where the washer and dryer go. So fancy. I know. Ha. I love the parquet flooring, but the Mr hates it so for now we are going to live with it all as is until we know the direction we want to go. Again if you follow me on instagram you can see some of what has been done so far!