Our last stop of the trip was LA. We were all pretty tired and sick at this point so we took it easy. Well except Disney Land day, because that is so worth every once of exertion. It was the first time in years that it rained in LA apparently so we stuck to exploring in the car a lot. We all love driving around and exploring neighborhoods so it was still a win. We did take half a day to go to the Getty and we were in awe. The building itself was so inspiring. They had umbrellas at every entrance to the expansive grounds so it made it extra fun for the kiddos. We took in gorgeous views at Griffith Park. We went to both Santa Monica pier and Venice Beach. Venice Beach is a little more laid back with surfers and less people in general so if I were to only go back to one that would be my choice. It was also close to the Venice Canals which we LOVED. It was so much fun exploring the quaint little area. We also happened to come across the best War Eagle {orange and blue} house I ever did see. Oh, and we may have had in-and -out burger four times. It was so gluten free friendly and yummy plus close to our hotel so how could be not.