Teaching Moments

Siblings fight. I know that from experience. I have a hope, dream, prayer or whatever you want to call it that Ellie and KJ will forever act as best friends. Most days they get along perfectly. Of course there is always a nit pick here and there, but overall they really do get along. Lately though they are having different interests in play. It makes sense. I know it does. One being a boy and the other a girl it was bound to happen. They are also having different neighborhood friends. I wish I could control the words of others, but I can't. I can only use them as teaching moments. That is where I am. The other day KJ's neighborhood bestie, who happens to be a self labeled tom boy, expressed to Ellie that she can only play with them if she can do two pull ups. Ellie came running onto the porch, where I sat, spewing her story out that came so quickly she had to take deep breaths and continually wipe away her tears. Apparently no matter how hard Ellie tried she could not do a pull up. Not a single one. She was then banned from the friendship club. This is the moment where I have to remind myself that kids are just that, kids. I prayed for her in hopes of off setting any lies that she is not enough sinking deep into her heart. Praying for the Lord to continually remind her that she is perfect just the way she is. I then spoke to KJ and reminded him that no matter what the circumstance or who it's with he is to ALWAYS stick up for his sister. I've said this many times and the roles have been reversed. Now they are to play only with each other for the next three days. My hope is for them to be reminded how much fun each other can be. This takes compromise in play for the both of them, but they always find common ground whether playing spy or riding bikes. They are to have each other forever and I have a huge desire that they can walk this life journey together. Friends will come and go and I would love for them to be each others constant no matter what life throws at them. I know time is passing quickly and soon I won't be able to persuade them to be each others best of friend, but maybe just maybe if I can help teach them now then it will become a given. I also think KJ said it best after our discussion, "Ellie you can still watch my kids when we grow up." It's a given.

~ For today I am going to remember the days they used to walk arm and arm without a fight. October 2010 ~

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. - Proverbs 22:6