September Reads

I love words. Not sure where it all began, but I do remember to this day when words on paper alluded me. I am dyslexic. Reformed you can say. Although here and there I have to take multiple looks at a post just to be sure it's not all mixed up. In grade school I struggled until someone noticed I wasn't just slow. I was re-taught and words on paper came alive. I fell in love with books. I always had one in my hand. Nancy Drew was an all time favorite. I remember putting myself in her shoes and dreaming of the days I too would be a mystery solver. Both Ellie and KJ are ones that I have to remind to read. I don't quite understand their indifference to the process. I would sneak books under my covers at night with a flashlight just to read a few more pages. To live such great adventures in my mind. I hope as they grow more in their reading skills they too will become lover of the written word.

1. Made To Crave | Lysa Terkeurst

This book is about food and finding the root of control it can have over one; although when I read it I was able to put in my own vices. At the time I believe it was social media and the comparison game that I fell into. I have since gifted this book to others, but I plan on reading it again. It's serves as a great reminder on where our focus should be and how to achieve it.

2. Where'd You Go Bernadette | Maria Semple

This book was hard to put down. Any free time I found throughout my day I dedicated to this book. It made for a quick read. It has wit and mystery. It was written in the form of correspondence which you either love or hate. I for one loved it.

3. Savor | Shauna Neiquist

If you have been reading my blog for awhile then you may have heard me rave about Shauna Neiquist books on many occasions. My favorite being Bread & Wine. This is her newest work in the form of a devotional. Many of the stories she tells are from her other books, but I love having them compacted into daily reads. Her writing style reminds me of sitting down and having a cup of coffee with a good friend.

4. The Mystery at Lilac Inn | Carolyn Keene

The kids are finally at the age where Nancy Drew can be read without striking fear into their hearts. This one I read out loud and they loved every minute of it and is one of the only books that the kiddos begged for 'one more chapter'. To be honest I had no problem breaking bedtime hours for this one. Nancy's sleuthing ways still get me to this day. 

5. Habitat | Lauren Liess

This one has yet to be released, but I have had it on preorder since it first became available. It's by Lauren Liess who's blog was one of my first reads. Over the years she really has honed in on her style. What I love most is that although she values a beautiful space her main focus is how that space can serve as a backdrop to a life well lived with family.

6. For the Love | Jen Hatmaker

I have yet to read this book, but have heard rave reviews. Have you read it? I loved reading this snippet that Sarah shared.