Pirate Pants

These are what the Mr so lovingly calls my pirate pants. I can't quite tell if he is making fun of me or he has a thing for pirates. Either way I'm wearing them. On this day though I wore them to my first 'not working for myself' job. It's a temporary position which is great for me in this season of life. I can still make my own hours, but I have deadlines. Real life deadlines. I'm working as a consult on design for a local company. To most, if not all of you, this may not sound like much but to me this is BIG. I never officially had a job since getting married over 11 years ago. Even then I was fresh out of college. We, as in I, got pregnant almost immediately after saying I Do. I was crazy sick the whole pregnancy and then before Ellie turned one I was pregnant again and was crazy sick once again. After that it was more economical for me to stay home with the kiddos. Plus it was something I really wanted to do and I was very lucky to have that option. Of course as you all know this blog became sort of my business, then I did design here and there, plus the photography business... oh wait I see now that I have been working for years, but for some reason this feels so different.  Maybe it's because I can wake up then proceed to act like one of snow white's dwarfs while sporting my pirate pants and break out into song... hi ho, hi ho, off to work I go. Yes, I am sure that's it. Walking to my home office 9 out 10 times wearing my pj's does not lead to song therefore makes this new job WAY different. Ha. I kid. I really am just excited and wanted share my new adventure and my pirate pants with you all.

*photos by Ellie age 10. She is really good at capturing all my in between moments and directing me on how to be excited. I believe we have a new second shooter on our hands. You can pay her in chocolate.

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