Ever read words that strike so deep that they can leave a lump in your throat? Like you want to swallow them up, but almost fear having them live inside you as a reminder? I read those words on an instagram post by Trina. She was relaying the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, "Any talent that we have but do not use becomes a burden." I read them over and over. The words themselves are rather simple, but they managed to get stuck in my throat and I had to swallow hard for this was what the last six months of me not blogging felt like. A day did not go by when I did not think about this blog. You all who gifted me such a treasure in the form of actually reading it. You all have watched me grow up in a way. I started as a young mother of two who was trying hard to find her place in this world to a woman who still does not have all the answers, but is finally okay with everyone knowing so. The need for perfection has vanished and the desire of wanting to be real overcame. The more time that passed without a blog post caused a greater fear that if I did come back would anyone still read this blog? Would the hours sitting at the computer be a misuse of time? Would my life begin to be lived with a blog post in mind again? The latter may have been my biggest fear. In this new world images are more important than words and this new blog is based on words. I can tell you now though, now that I have sat back down at my computer that the burden is lifted and I feel like I am where I was I always meant to be. Even if only a hand full of you read my words I at least said them and they no longer just live in my head on repeat. That is what I call a victory. As for those who love a pretty picture I suppose being a photographer has its benefits too. I do love a good story told through images. Best of both worlds for this little ole blog maybe? Time will tell.

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them... - Romans 12:6

Source:  Roman Shades in Oak. PS they are always randomly on sale.