So Silly

I really can't believe another week has gone by without blogging. Time is truly flying. Today is the day though that the party that we have been working on continually for the last couple of months happens! You don't know how happy this makes me. It has been incredibly fun, but there are pressures that come along with wanting it to be perfect for them. I can't share yet and even then I can't share much, but it going to be quite the event if I do say so myself. Last week I did take a night for me and went to a book club, it was just what I needed. We read Wuthering Heights and I did enjoy it among all the tragedy. Next up is We Need to Talk About Kevin. It was highly recommended as a great book club read. Guess we will see. During that time the Mr. took the kiddos on a little photoshoot to surprise me. They were so excited and they quickly made apparent that the silly ones are their favorite. Thought I would share a bit of their silliness...

This one isn't actually silly, but it does represent this HOT Alabama summer we are having. They truly have been such troopers during this party planning + wedding shooting + editing time. I have not been the best mother, but they have been having fun tearing up the house daily. Ha. This week I am determined to become the mother I know I can be. I think that will include many trips to the pool and a good dose of Pink Berry.

Also KJ has started riding along side sister. He LOVES it. He literally has this goofy/adorable smile on his face the whole time.