July 9th {8 years ago}

Last week I kept on thinking the 9th was an important date. I even managed to give myself a made up deadline for a client. Finally it all became clear once I repeated the date many times... TODAY is our 8 year anniversary! It doesn't seem possible to have been that long, but at the same time it feels as if the Mr. has always been there. I am one blessed woman to  be able spend my life with him. He truly is the most sincere, humble, creative, beautiful person I have encountered. We had our first date on New Years, were engaged by that March, then married in July. Such a whirlwind it was. My dress came in the same week as the wedding. Didn't have the time to fit it perfectly so it was a tad big. The bridesmaids dresses were from Express. It was before you go to J.Crew and get fab dresses last minute. Our cake collapsed onto the grooms cake the night before, but it was fixed beautifully. Not exactly what I had in mind, but at least we had a cake. The wedding was held at an old mansion in downtown Birmingham. For the 300+ people we had we only had the option to have it outside. It started to rain as we walked back as husband and wife. So many people contributed to our day to make it perfect. We had a small budget and if it weren't for all those that chipped in with all their talents it wouldn't have been possible and as lavish as it was. Even my mother and good friend drove themselves mad by making ALL the desserts for the dessert only reception. I think she is still regretting that one, but it meant the world to me. Oh, and did I mention the Mr is one brilliant song writer? I was in tears to say the least. Maybe one day I will share it.