A Skirt + A Guest Post

Not sure if there has ever been a whole week that I did not blog since starting this space years ago. The chaos has yet to slow down and actually has mounted to new heights. Really to the point of being just plain ole hysterical. I did manage to squeeze in an overnight trip to Atlanta with a good friend over the weekend. Oh, and we did what I do best... shop.

I fell head over heels for this little skirt with a peplum from ZARA. I some how convinced myself I did not need it though. Even if it did hide my problem area beautifully. I have another pencil skirt that is this very color and I do try to not indulge in too many trends. Also I felt this little skirt is such a statement maker I would only get a few wears out of it. If it came in black though it would have been another story. It would have been deemed practical and get great use even if were for only a season or two. I could have easily seen myself wearing it like this...

I am by no means highly fashionable, but I do know what I like. A couple of weeks ago I did a little guest post over on Between Your Ears in Caroline's Evolution of Style series. It was so fun to do. If you would like you can take a little gander HERE.

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