Mom shoes? Maybe

The last few years I have really honed in my so called uniform. It consists of mostly black, white, blue, and camel. My daughter calls it boring, but it works for me. I have honed in so much so that my whole wardrobe fits in a 2 ft space. How do I mix it up? With my never ending love of shoes. This love started when I was just a girl. I still remember my papa driving me to countless stores in search of the white hightop reebok sneakers with two little straps that my babysitter had even though they would have been a splurge for my parents back then. I never got them as I was too late to the party and they sold out everywhere, but have you seen they are back! 80 and 90's girls did you love them as much as me?!?! Better yet did you own some? As much as I love a good heel or mule, I tend to lean towards a tennis shoe for daily wear. I dress them up and down. My back thanks me daily and it's much easier for me to keep up with my almost teenagers. This is also where I tend to invest. Once I realized I will wear a shoe for years to come, and no longer think of fashion as passing trends or disposable, I now lean towards better quality as for my finicky feet need comfort and support. Plus now that Ellie and I can share shoes it's like I am buying for two, sort of. These are most recent acquisition and these need to go on sale, because this love is real. I save in areas, like this wedge, that I won't wear too often. Although I am not a fashion blogger and I prefer to be behind the camera, I thought the only way to truly share my affinity for a good tennis shoe was to share myself wearing the said shoes. So here is a mere 5'3" girl who is creeping closer to 40 wearing what she feels most comfortable in. What makes it even better is that my 11 year old boy took them. I have to say he can drop my guard better than anyone. Do you all have a style that you lean towards or has your closet evolved into a uniform over the years? I would love to hear! 

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tee:  everlane  | purse:  Noha Nadler
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dress: everlane

dress: everlane

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Tote:  madewell

Tote: madewell